Elizabeth Hurley, 53, Wears Her ‘Fave’ Animal Print Bikini In New Pic

Elizabeth Hurley has a whole arsenal of bikinis, but she managed to pick her fave — and the leopard print suit might just be her sexiest ever!

It’s official: Elizabeth Hurley just found her favorite bikini of all time. That doesn’t seem big, but it’s actually a huge feat, considering that Liz barely wears anything else besides bikinis. It’s impossible to fathom that the Royals actress is seriously 53 years old after seeing the pic of her in her “fave” two-piece below, but it’s a fact. Liz’s body is better than ever in her fifties, and she’s all about showing it off in skimpy bikinis — as she should! Her stomach is washboard flat, and her arms and thighs are perfectly toned. Her latest design for her swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, fits her like a glove. And making it leopard print adds an extra dose of sexy to the mix.

She’s actually worn this particular bikini before. She posted a sweet and sexy pic on Instagram back in April when she was vacationing in India, that showed her taking a nap in the same leopard bikini top. We’d say it’s relatable, but we don’t really look like that, with voluminous hair and a perfect smokey eye, when we’re taking naps. How is it possible that one person is this pretty? That’s what her fans and friends wanted to know when they flocked to the comments section on her latest pic. “Meow!” Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon commented. “Jesus Christ YES 🔥😍,” wrote a fan. And others couldn’t stop commenting about how “beautiful” and “f**king incredible” she looked!

Of course, Liz isn’t just about bikinis. She looked glorious at the Rocketman premiere in London on May 20, where she went braless under a glittery, pinstripe suit. The fitted suit was covered in white sequins and shined every time she moved.

Fave bikini of the season #minkabikini #elizabethhurleybeach

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So how, you ask, does Liz look like that? A source close to the star previously told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she’s all about that organic life. “Liz grows a lot of her own produce, and what she doesn’t grow herself she likes to purchase from local farmers markets, as she’s big into fresh, locally sourced food,” a source said. “To keep her stomach washboard flat, Liz steers clear of cheese, chips, candy, bread, pasta, and anything fried, and she’s also careful about how much fruit she eats and how many fizzy drinks she consumes, because they can lead to bloating.”

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