Elizabeth II’s pearl necklace was inherited by a royal – but it wasnt Kate

Princess Anne reportedly received the three-stand pearl necklace, which the late Queen Elizabeth II frequently wore throughout her lifetime.

The Princess Royal was said to have inherited the pearl jewellery after her mother’s death in September 2022, according to style experts from Diamonds Factory Ireland.

The late Queen received the natural pearl necklace as a gift from her father, King Georgie VI.

The necklace is estimated to be worth between £800,000 and £1million and has significant sentimental value.

Diamonds Factory analysts have estimated that each pearl is worth between £2,000 and £3,000.

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The Princess Royal, 72, is well known for her love of pearls, so even though she hasn’t yet been seen wearing the pearls, it’s likely that she will in the near future.

Princess Anne also owns other necklaces that previously belonged to Queen Elizabeth II.

The necklace was initially given to the late Queen by Pakistani President Ayub Khan on his one and only official visit to the UK after the country’s independence in 1947.

It has since become one of Princess Anne’s most-worn accessories.

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The necklace had a two-row, turquoise, seed-pear, and gold South Asian traditional “dolada Haar” design when it was initially given to the Queen in 1966.

A few years later, it was changed into the design fans know today, with the earrings and necklace being rearranged into a single row.

The last time Princess Anne was photographed wearing this necklace was in 2007 on Ladies’ Day.

Princess Anne wore the gorgeous jewel for the majority of the 1970s.

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