Estate agents are sharing some of their most bonkers listing including a loo made to look like a THRONE

WE ALL have our own preferences when it comes to what makes our "dream home" – so it's common for people to shop around before buying or renting a property.

Helping us along the way are estate agents, whose job it is to "sell" a listing on its stand out features – even when it comes to the wild and wacky.

Big Global Travel have put together a list of some of the most bonkers listings estate agents have shared, which has recently resurfaced on Twitter

From unusual bathroom designs to outrageous colour palettes,if these snaps are anything to go by, the agents looking after these properties will certainly struggle with closing the deal.

Here, we've picked some of the strangest and most hideous yet.

Jungle vibes

Doll house

Loo knew

Kitsch you not

Caged in

The bonkers list proved popular on Twitter with many commenting on the state of the "throne" bathroom.

"Holy sh**. That toilet is amazing," one person announced.

And another added: "I really like the living-room/bathroom (have to click to see it). And the purple bathroom. The loo on the stairs is great if you live on your own!

While another shared: "I went to view a house a few years ago, I opened a built in wardrobe and there set a toilet, plumed and functioning, now that's not where I would want to hang cloths!"

In hot water

Prime colours

Spot of bother

What's the point?

Under my umbrella

Pit stop

Not so secret garden

Not so mellow yellow

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