Everyone wants to be my mom friend until they realize I curse in front of my kids and they have unlimited screen time | The Sun

A YOUNG mother has shared that many other moms want to be her friend until they find out about her behavior in front of her children.

She said that she curses in front of them, gives them unlimited screen time, and more in a TikTok video.

Claire Bowman (@clairebowmanofficial) uses her social media to hopefully inspire others to love themselves, according to her TikTok bio.

She is very transparent about her life online, whether it be her ADHD, weight loss journey, and motherhood.

In a TikTok video, she revealed what makes her parenting style different and why it also might be the reason why she doesn't have many mom friends.

When the video began, she sipped from a coffee mug before she showed off her dance moves.

She wore a pink tie-dye T-shirt and a denim jacket and black leggings with her blonde hair in a cute updo.

"Everyone wants to be my mom friend until they realize," the subtitle over her read.

She proceeded to share in subtitles the many things she does as a parent.

First, she shared that she's fully vaccinated and her kids will be too.

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Then, she wrote that they have unlimited screen time, she has a gentle parenting style and swears in front of them.

Also, she lets her son play dress up and wear nail polish.

Her children are also properly educated on all aspects of cannabis.

The content creator closed out the video by walking closer to the camera as the last subtitle explained that she doesn't force relationships, hugs, or gender-neutral clothing.

She added in the video caption that these are the reasons why she has 1.5 friends.

There were mixed opinions in the comments about how Claire chose to raise her kids.

"Omg wait this is insane, we are the exact same. Right down to every detail. Please tell me you’re in Canada," a viewer commented.

"You're right. We would never be friends," another added.

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"I mean…you come off super obnoxious so yeah, that's probably why you have 1.5 friends," a TikTok user chimed in.

"Well my kid are all adults now and we raised them the same as you. We have a lawyer, EMT, and one in college so I think we did pretty good," another praised.

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