Fashion fans are scrambling to get their hands on Primark’s £9 Birkenstock dupes and they prefer the cheaper ones | The Sun

IF YOU’VE been eyeing up Birkenstock trendy felt clogs then put your pennies away as fashion fans claim they’ve found the perfect dupes.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK one trend-setter shared her bargain discovery.

“Got these today in Primark £9! Rather than the original Birkenstock £90!!!” she wrote.

The bargain-hunter then shared a snap of the two pairs of shoes, the designer favourites and her discounted dupes.

The Birkenstock Boston clogs, loved by the likes of Kendall Jenner, are a wool felt and come in at a cool £90 on the official website.

Meanwhile the Primark version are a tenth of the price and aside from the fur-lined sole appear to perfectly mimic the eggshell shade of its designer counterpart.

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Fellow shoppers were seriously impressed by the fashion fan’s find with her post receiving hundreds of likes and comments with many agreeing that they prefer the cheaper pair.

One wrote: “I prefer the Primark!”

“I think I prefer the Primark ones,” agreed another, while a third wrote, “Primark ones look better.”

Another added, “We need to get our hands on these dupes!”

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“How nice are these,” piped up another.

However, a few group members were quick to warn that the cheaper pair might not last as long.

One commented: “I like the Primark ones but you pay for the long life in a Birkenstock shoe. 

“Had my last pair of sandals for like 7 years and wore them to death most summers.”

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