Fiendishly tricky brainteaser challenges players to spot the lollipop hiding among ice cream cones- but can YOU spot it?

THERE'S no denying that we have ice cream on the brain during this scorching heatwave.

Well if you're anything like us, then you probably need something to snap you out of a sugar coma right about now.

Sound familiar? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Cartoonist Gergely Dudas – known online as Dudolf – has unveiled his fiendishly tricky new brainteaser which challenges players to spot the lollipop among the ice cream cones.

And while this might sound easy enough, the sweet treat blends in perfectly with the shades of vanilla, strawberry and mint chocolate ice cream.

So how long will it take YOU to spot it? Spoilers ahead…

That's right, the pink lollipop was hiding in plain sight all along – right in the bottom left hand corner.

But we have to admit – the cute smiley faces just made it that much harder to locate.

Now that's done, someone pass us another ice lolly…

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