Grandparents slammed ‘wasteful’ and ‘ridiculous’ for spoiling grandson with huge pile of Christmas presents | The Sun

WITH Christmas right around the corner loads of us are busy finding the perfect presents for our friends and family.

But one mum has been slammed for the sheer amount of gifts her parents bought her one-year-old son.

Michigan, from Sydney, Australia, showed off the masses of Christmas presents online leaving viewers in total disbelief.

The presents included a range of plush teddy bears, books, clothes and other toys.

After sharing the haul on both Facebook and TikTok the mum faced backlash for showing off the mega haul.

One commented: "Sorry I don't want to be a negative Nancy and I mean no offence by this but this is ridiculous. He is a baby and will never remember all of these things."


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A second was more concerned about how many batteries all the toys would need.

"I'm just imagining how many batteries you'll be replacing, our toys all seem to go dead at the same time and suddenly I need multiple bulk packs of batteries at once," they wrote.

And someone else jabbed: "'Don't be offended when the baby gets over unwrapping after the second gift."

But not everyone thought the gifts were over the top and some even praised the family for making it a special day for the tot.

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One said: "I don't even think this is over the top.

"They are all smallish books, clothes etc, stuff he will need."

On TikTok a user commented: "One very excited nanna and very spoilt/loved bubba. Seen your post on Facebook don't worry about the haters."

Another wrote: "Love this I can't to have a grandchild so I can do the same and spoil them"

Despite the supportive comments, the mum still apologised for the post showing the gifts.

She wrote: "Sorry to those that are offended or have a negative view. Baby has an overexcited grandma on his first Christmas, she's overcompensating for being an unavailable parent in my childhood."

The mum explained that the gifts would be divided over Christmas, his birthday and even next Christmas, as well as regifting and donating some of them.

She added: "I'm not taking the credit for this or forcing comparison, I took the photo (but I didn't buy any of it). 

"I'm aware of the less fortunate, I'm aware this is excessive.

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"The crazy accumulated amount of stuff that we don't need has been donated to a foster care company for children born addicted."

The mum insisted that the post was intended to be light-hearted and that she didn't want to upset anyone by showing the presents.

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