How to increase home value: Add £100k to price tag by changing the colour of your door and other hacks | The Sun

ADDING value to your home without breaking the bank is easier to do than you may think, a property design expert has revealed.

But you don't have to add a conservatory or totally upgrade your bathroom.  

Instead, changing the colour of your front door can boost your home’s value by a whopping 36 per cent, while upgrading the doorknobs on your kitchen cupboards could see your bank balance increase massively. 

Now, property design expert Jen Nash, head of design at kitchen and joinery supplier Magnet Trade, explained that there’s six key things to think about doing.

If you follow all of them, you’re looking at a home value boost of as much as £100k. 

Paint your front door

Reviving your front door with a new coat of paint is a quick trick to ramp up your curb appeal and potentially increase your home's value by up to 36 per cent. But it’s crucial that you get the colour right.

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According to research by Magnet Trade, lilac is a sure money maker. Hot pink, yellow hues and royal blue are also sought after shades for a home that stands out on the street.

‘’Depending on the paint you choose, and the size of your door, painting the front door can be a fairly inexpensive project yet has a very big impact on your home,” Jen said.

“A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the exterior of your home and hide any imperfections on your door.”

Try a new accent 

Whether it be a pop of colour, statement wallpaper or DIY panelling, accent walls can transform a room and add value onto your home without you having to spend much at all.

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“If you’re looking for a completely new look – the wall panelling trend may be something you should consider,” Jen recommended. 

"To achieve the panelled wall look, simply source MDF wood, the appropriate glue to fix it to your walls and paint.

"But be sure to sand down, fill and prime before painting.”

Change cupboard handles and doorknobs

‘’A quick and cost-effective way to transform a room is by updating its hardware and small finishes,” Jen explained.

“Transform the likes of your kitchen and bedroom by changing your kitchen cupboard and wardrobe handles, as well as door knobs.”

You can buy handles in the likes of The Range and B&M, with everything from crystal-esque designs to rustic metal if you’re going for a boho-vibe. 

Jen recommended always choosing a waterproof and rust-free material to ensure longevity, such chrome, stainless steel and aluminium to withstand wear and tear. 

Restore your flooring

With the rising cost of living showing no signs of slowing down, getting new flooring may be totally out of your budget. 

But according to Jen, you can still work with what you’ve already got to increase the value of your home. ‘

“Whether that be painting your wooden flooring to enhance the room or removing tiles in your kitchen of any grime or wax build-up, this is the time to restore what you already have to its former glory,” she said. 

Switch up your curtains or blinds

Curtains can make or break a room as they tend to be a focal point, meaning a design that’s offensive on the eye and shrinks a space may deter potential buyers. 

But the right statement pattern could help hike the value of your home, according to Jen.

“Switching your curtains to a statement pair is a simple way to completely transform the look and feel of a room,” she says.

“Either choose colours to tie into your existing design, or use them to introduce a new colour palette into the room and create an exciting new focal point.’’

Replace your countertops and splashbacks

‘’If you’re looking to update your kitchen design, without breaking the bank, simply changing your countertops and splashbacks is a cost-effective way to give your space a face-lift and give the illusion of a whole decor update,” Jen says. 

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Depending on your budget, granite, quartz, wood and concrete are great durable options that will last for years to come. 

For splashbacks, the design expert recommended “simply adding a pop of colour or an on-trend pattern, like marble, to give your kitchen a complete makeover with visual and textural interest”.

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