I always check the pockets when I go to thrift stores – I’ve found $50 and even $100 bills | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper shared her favorite hack for not just saving money at thrift stores, but even making a profit.

Not everyone was on board with her clever habit, though, and some even questioned her integrity.

Every time Alissa Pickett goes to a thrift store, she takes a hands-on approach to the items there.

Even if she doesn't intend to purchase them, the thrift store queen completes a thorough investigation, for good reason.

On TikTok, Pickett shared a video of herself rifling through the pockets of pants and purses, then coming away with hundreds of dollars.

"Always check in the pockets when you go thrift shopping," she wrote in the video's caption.

The clip showed Pickett pulling a $50 bill out of a pair of pants. Then, she rescued a $100 bill from the interior pocket of a handbag.

She tagged the video with #ThriftQueen and #FindersKeepers to celebrate her discoveries.

Other shoppers confirmed that Pickett's money-making plan was brilliant.

One thrift store shopper said it wasn't the deals that brought them to the shops, but the potential for secondhand cash.

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"That's the only reason I'm there," they wrote.

"My sister bought her son's jacket and it had $1,000 in the pocket," another commenter disclosed.

Shockingly, though, they said their sister took the money back to the store.

Pickett was appalled. "Oh no! Finders keepers," she wrote back.

"Today I found 500 dollars," another thrift queen wrote. "Now I’m going on a shopping spree. Today was my best day ever."

But other commenters were suspicious of Pickett's story, and even accused her of planting the bills herself.

"Pretty crisp bills to be in thrifted items," one commenter wrote.

"I used to work at a thrift store," another person chimed in, explaining why Pickett's video didn't make sense.

"We wash all clothes and check pockets before putting anything up for sale," they explained.

A current Goodwill employee even sounded off in the comments.

"Can confirm they check EVERY wallet, purse, and pocket," the staffer wrote.

Still, some commenters had miraculous experiences when thrift shopping and remained firm believers.

"I once found a bank envelope that had $450 in a purse and the cashier didn’t look in the pocket it was in," one woman said.

She claims she brought the purse home for just $4 and went home in tears of gratitude.

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Of course, not every thrift store find can be a treasure.

"I reached in the pockets one time and grabbed a retainer," a traumatized viewer wrote. "Never again."

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