I became addicted to lip filler at 16 – I was insecure about my looks, I got 5ml injected & decided that was enough

A YOUNG WOMAN has revealed how she started to become addicted to lip filler injections at just 16 years old.

the young woman, who goes by Claud online, who lives in England, posted a video of her lip filler journey on her TikTok account, clauds244, where it has been viewed over three million times.

Lip Fillers have consistently grown in popularity over the last few years, with many women getting their lips touched up.

Since October, the UK government has made injecting botox or filler into a person aged under 18 illegal in England.

However, this was not always the case and many young girls were able to get lip fillers injected before turning 18 years old.

Claud also started her lip filler journey when she was just 16 years of age.

As Claud continued with her lip filler journey, it seemed that they could never be big enough with Claud constantly adding more filler each time.

To begin with, she got 1ml of filler injected, but it seems that each time Claud went back she had a little extra added on.

Eventually, Claud went up to having 5ml of filler in her lips, and they ballooned from the amount.

Luckily, Claud was able to spot herself becoming addicted to filler and managed to control it before it became a problem for her.

One person, shocked Claud got filler at 16 asked: "Okay but why were you 16 getting fillers?"

To which Claud replied: "I was insecure ok."

She said in another comment under the video that the filler is slowly dissolving and she has around 3/4ml in her lips now.

In her latest video, many people commented how her lips look much better than when she got 5ml injected.

Many users commented on the video to discuss what amount of filler suited Claud the best.

One user exclaimed: "3ml was sooo nice!"

"I'll never understand why people think lip filler looks good." Wrote another person.

A third person commented: "3ml, any bigger doesn't look good at all."

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