I can't wait to wear my VERY tacky wedding shoes on my big day – but people worry I'll end up in A&E | The Sun

A BRIDE-TO-BE has shared her very tacky wedding shoes online – but people are worried she'll end up in A&E.

Avital Nevies, who is from the UK, took to TikTok and posted a video which she captioned: "Unbox my very tacky yet practical wedding heels/platforms!"

In the clip, she begins: "I have just received my very tacky wedding shoes – let's open them up."

I have these gorgeous YSL wedding heels I've bought…but people say it's really uncomfortable to be in heels all night."

"So the goal was to have comfortable shoes so my dress doesn't drag across the dance floor."

So, I got four-and-a-half inches whereas my other heels are 5 inches."


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Opening up the box to reveal some extremely blinged up platform shoes which she bought from a shop on Etsy, Avital enthuses: "Look at these bad boys! Wow – we need to try them on."

These shoes, I know they don't look expensive, but they were fully £100."

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Once they're on her feet, a delighted Avital says: "Guys, these are really comfortable! You can dance in them, move…they are hideously comfortable. Wow!"

She adds: "They've got this wedge which gives you that extra height. I mean, they're comfortable."

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The bride-to-be goes on to ask her social media followers what they think of her unique shoes – and she was inundated with responses.

"Knowing my luck I would end up with broken ankle," joked one. "They're great though."

A second commented: "I see a call to A & E coming your way."

A third noted: "Giving me Baby Spice."

Meanwhile, another penned: "Those are actually super cool."

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A further urged: "Please make sure you have ankle support!!! I have a black pair similar and if the shoe is under your ankle, your foot can slide out and you can fall."

And one more social media user praised: "Omg this is genius."

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