I charge my seven-year-old daughter rent and make her clean the loo to earn her keep – it's to teach the value of money

ONE mum's controversial tough love tactics – from insisting her seven-year-old daughter cleans toilets and does chores to demanding the money she "earns" back as payment of rent – have sent the internet into uproar.

The young girl gets to work daily to earn money, receiving a mere few dollars back at the end of the week – most of which is used to settle her "rent" and living costs.

Boasting on a Tiktok video that she had the ultimate parenting hack to "teach kids the value of money", Felicia Farley explained, "Every week my daughter has a list of chores. If those chores are completed daily, she will get $7 at the end of the week."

"In total she pays $5 for bills, leaving $2 left over which she can then keep and save or spend."

However the list of "age-appropriate" tasks she posted up caused astonishment, with her claiming that seven-year-olds should be cleaning toilets and three-year-olds should be filling the laundry basket.

One commenter joked, "I wasn't doing those things when I was 12!"

Felicia rationalised that her daughter had to learn early how the world works and how to contribute to vital household funds such as "food, water, electricity and rent".

However furious parents bombarded Felicia Farley with angry messages, arguing: "She's not a adult – she's a child. Pay your own bills!"

Another asked, "Okay, but what happens if she doesn't do the chores? You just not feed her?"


A laughing Felicia corrected, "Of course I don't withhold food or anything else from her… the money goes into a savings account that she will have access to when she's 18… and she can learn that she made all that money on her own!"

She continued, "It's not about the bills. I'm trying to give her a foundation that I never had."

Mean mum tactics or genius technique? You decide.

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