I did a mega £200 Shein haul – it’s the most I’ve spent on clothes in years but trolls said everything made me look old | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she did a whopping Shein haul and spent £200 on new clothes.

The 43-year-old, who is known on social media as Bargains by Karen and posts on TikTok under the username @karenakaginger, took to the video sharing platform to show off her Shein shopping haul.

Karen has amassed an impressive 157.1k followers and 5.3million likes on the social media app and while she regularly shares her money-saving tips, tricks and life hacks, her recent clip saw her trying on her new clothes. 

She said: “I know it’s a cost of living crisis, but it must be years, I am not joking, years, since I have bought this many new clothes.

“I spent £200 on Shein – they haven’t all arrived.

“I’m going to try a few of them on, let me know what you think.

“Dress number one – I love it. Keeping it. I can wear this for my GP surgery job as well.

“Outfit number two – a nice pretty valentine's top. Love it. I’m keeping them.

“This one’s a nice top. I don’t think I should wear a black bra underneath, but it’s still quite cute.”

Karen wasn’t so sure on the next top, as she continued: “I’m not so keen on this one – it’s a bit too short and I don’t like tops that come up. It’s a bit tight actually, not so sure.”

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After this she tried on another top, as she highlighted: “Now I like this top – longer, casual, baggy, it’ll be alright with a pair of jeans. I think I’ll keep that.”

She then tried on a dress, but wasn’t too keen, as she added: “I’m not so sure if I feel like a curtain in this one. It’s nice and loose and baggy but I don’t think that does me any favours.”

Following this, she tried on another black top, as she noted: “I’m not so sure I’d wear this top with these trousers but the top is nice and the leggings are alright.

“So this one is quite nice. I do actually quite like that. 

“I ordered these earrings but I’m not sure they’re for me. But they were only a couple of quid.”

Finally, Karen tried on another dress, which she loved.

She explained: “My last dress – I love it. In case you haven’t noticed, I love my dresses.

“Not bad, quite impressed with them.” 

Karen’s Shein haul clip has clearly impressed many, as it was only posted 21 hours ago, but has quickly racked up a whopping 90.8k views.

It has 4,643 likes, 257 comments and 8 shares.

However, trolls weren’t too keen on Karen’s new clothes and took to the comments to express this. 

Karen then shared a follow-up video, responding to a comment that read: “They all make you look older sorry! Come on, we can do better!”

Karen replied: “So I did a clothing haul earlier and Beth said they make me look older.

“Why are you being so mean? This is one of the dresses.

“Remember, we can wear whatever we feel comfortable in, there’s no specific ‘age’ as such with what clothes we would wear.

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“Remember Beth, I’m 43.

“This looks beautiful on me.”

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