I dyed my 12-year-old's hair the day before school – people said it was to cause a stir but that's just not true | The Sun

A MUM has hit back at trolls after they accused her of trying to cause a stir by dyeing her daughter’s hair before the new school term. 

Tink initially took her social media account to share the process of dyeing her 12-year-old’s hair. 

“Come with me… us, to dye Ruby’s hair black and blue,” she said as her daughter danced with her. 

The pair then mixed the hair dye up together in the bathroom, preparing to turn Ruby’s auburn hair into a much darker colour. 

Tink then bleached the bottom section of her daughter’s mane before going in with the bright blue dye. 

After waiting 20 minutes, they dyed the rest of her hair black and took a break to sing different songs, including Barbie Girl by Aqua and Sia’s hit song Chandelier. 

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Tink then stopped the music to share: “Oh my god, I am so proud of myself, she looks epic. 

“Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready for this…” 

Ruby then flipped her hair to show it off as TikTok user @cherries_87 said: “Epic mum strikes again”. 

“I didn’t even edit any clip because you need to enjoy the whole rollercoaster,” she wrote in the caption. “Just wow I’ve outdone myself”. 

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And while many people were in awe of what she’d been able to achieve, one person said: “just in time for school. So you can moan about them again for more content”. 

Hitting back, Tink said: “We knew we were gonna get comments like this…So we were waiting for it.

“I have dyed her hair respectfully black all natural colour. You can’t see the blue at all unless she wears her hair up.

“And she’s not going to be doing that and she’s not going to be wearing her hair up. It’s going to look completely black, respectfully.”

Tink went on to share that they’ve done everything the school asked them to.

“She’s going to have a clear stud in her nose for school, she’s got longer skirts for school… so we haven’t done it to wind anything up or moan at all,” she continued.

“Also, the reason we didn’t do it at the beginning of the six-week holiday is because as you know Ruby went abroad on holidays. 

“And if we had done it at the beginning, it would’ve been ruined by the sun and the chlorine.” 

She then reiterated that you can’t see the blue under the black unless Ruby puts her hair up. 

“Love you,” she added as the video came to an end. 

People flocked to the comments to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “Ignore them it looks amazing!xx”. 

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Another shared: “I think you’re completely within your right as a parent to make the choice to dye her hair. It makes no difference to her schooling”. 

A third added: “Don’t listen to them as long as it’s not obvious then it’s ok (I wasn’t being rude) x”. 

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