I found $300 stuffed inside a Coach purse at Goodwill – it only cost $6.99 and the envelope told the craziest story | The Sun

SHOPPING at thrift stores can be described as a treasure hunt, but typically the fortune you find at a secondhand store is a vintage dress or a stylish bag.

One woman found a designer purse at her local thrift store, but when she opened it up, she discovered much more than she bargained for – and a shocking story behind it all.

When Lynora Silverman visited a local thrift store in her hometown of Philadelphia, she was excited to find a Coach purse on the racks there.

But when she inspected the handbag, it wasn't the $6.99 price tag that made her gasp.

"Wait til I tell you what was inside," Silverman said in a video that has since surpassed 3.2million views on TikTok.

Silverman pointed her phone's camera at the interior of the purse.


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"Look inside," she instructed her viewers. "It's like, dirty, right, and cruddy, but I thought I could clean it up."

When she arrived home with the bag, Silverman started cleaning it, lifting a flap inside to get debris and dirt out.

That's when she made a shocking discovery.

"And there is an envelope in there with money," she said, showing a small packet concealed at the bottom of the bag.

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Words were written across the outside of the envelope, which Silverman read out loud.

"I have three children," Silverman read. "They will give my things to Goodwill when I die, so I am putting their inheritance inside all my favorite things."

She continued reading Martha's note, which took a startling narrative turn.

"This Coach bag was given to me years ago by my husband's girlfriend. Well, actually, I came home early from a visit to my parents' house in Connecticut," the note said.

"She must have left quickly because she forgot her bag and shoes. I carried this bag every day. I wonder if my husband ever knew this was his girlfriend's?"

The final lines of the note included a signoff. "I carried it daily and am giving it away because my kids don't want it, so go buy yourself a new bag. Love, Martha."

After reading the final line, Silverman fanned out the $300 that the envelope had contained, then stared into the camera, mouth agape. "What?!" she whispered in awe.

In the comments, viewers called on Silverman to investigate more, and soon she did – learning from others in the Philadelphia area that Martha was a regular at many thrift stores.

In a follow-up video, Silverman went back to her local thrift store and encountered an employee named Brittany, who claimed to have met Martha several times.

Silverman purchased items reportedly donated by Martha, and inside one box, which contained an ice cream sandwich-maker, she and Brittany found another note.

"I had little ones once and you probably bought this because you have little ones too," it read.

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"Take Martha's advice, baby girl: make those kids some ice cream sandwiches, get a babysitter, and go to the spa. Love, Martha."

There was another stack of bills, totaling $200, included. It's not clear how many more donated items might contain cash and notes, but Silverman told followers that she intends to keep looking, and hopefully find the real-life Martha if she's alive and well.

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