I found my Christmas gift from my boyfriend, then realised the necklace had ANOTHER woman’s name on it

AS we approach Christmas day many of us will hide our presents in random places hoping our loved ones don’t discover it. 

Plus, no one likes to ruin a surprise. 

But for one woman her discovery certainly wasn’t something you would want just before the festive season.

She thought she found her Christmas present from her boyfriend tucked away in her house. 

It was a pink jewellery box, discreetly hiding in one of the draws. 

She picked it up to open the box, and realised it was a diamond encrusted necklace. 


However, on closer inspection she realised it wasn’t her name and it was another woman’s name called Jocelyn. 

In the video post which she captioned “the math aint’ matching #cheaters”.

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She added: “I threw up all night.”

And people were quick to voice their opinion on the video.

One wrote: “Give it to his momma and say you found it in his room.”

Another added: “Maybe his sister or someone in his family?”

But is all as it seems? 

On closer inspection, it appears the woman is trying to promote her jewellery brand with the clip. 

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