I gave my baby a traditional American name but now I absolutely hate it – I only noticed an awkward connection later | The Sun

AFTER two parents signed their son's birth certificate, someone pointed out their son's name matched that of a prominent American figure.

Combining two family names together, the end result was an embarrassingly familiar pairing – but luckily, the child goes by a completely different moniker.

On her TikTok, podcast host and YouTube personality Ollie Rose responded to a prompt from another creator.

"Do you ever regret what you named your kid?" the prompt asked.

"I accidentally named my son Bill Clinton," Ollie responded. "It's my husband's fault."

She detailed exactly what happened. Ollie said her husband was "adamant" about their son William, after a beloved family member.

Even though Ollie hated the name, she was happy to compromise for her spouse's sake.

"It was very important to my husband that our child's name was William, so I was like, 'have at it,'" she recounted.

In the interest of fairness, Ollie also wanted to incorporate her father's name: Clinton.

So, her son's first and middle name are, legally, "William Clinton," but Ollie didn't even notice the connection to the former president until the birth certificate was signed and someone else pointed it out.

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"I also didn't know his name was 'Bill Clinton,' William, until after he was already named those and somebody made a joke," Ollie said.

A teasing friend asked why Ollie and her husband had named their son after the former politician, and that's when Ollie made the connection.

One reason it took such a long time is that Ollie's son also has a Hawaiian name, Nohea, which is what he goes by in day-to-day life.

"I knew, going into this, he was never going to go by William," she explained.

Because her son goes by Nohea, he only recently learned his birth certificate has a different name.

Ollie warned him upon starting preschool that his teachers might try and refer to him by William since it's on his birth certificate.

That confused him slightly, but Ollie reassured him that it won't be permanent.

"We're legally getting names changed and removed at some point," she explained to viewers.

As a parting shot, Ollie insisted again that the silly name similarity was not her fault.

"The moral of this story is don't let your husbands pick the name," the mom joked.

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