I gave my kids weird names… now I apologise to them for making their lives harder, I shouldn't be allowed to name people | The Sun

PICKING the perfect name for your baby is easier said than done.

But one mum admitted that she shouldn't be trusted to name kids, given the ones she went with for her three kids.

When asked on Quora what she thinks of parents who give their kids 'oddball names' the mum confessed that she gave her kids unusual names.

"Occasionally I tell my daughter that I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make things harder for her, really I wasn't," she said.

After getting pregnant at 18-years-old, the mum explained that she was reading loads of cheesy romance books during the pregnancy.

She said: "The main female character was named Persephone and called Sepha. Well I LOVED it!

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Despite no one being able to pronounce or spell the name the mum went with it anyway.

"I refused to give up the name I loved but decided to make it the middle name to be easier on her.

"My friends and I spent hours and hours trying to come up with a name that would work and flow with the middle name Persephone."

Eventually, the mum landed on the name Cairo Persephone, but confessed that when her daughter was born people still pronounced it wrong.

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The mum joked: "I'm sorry sweetie. I LOVE your name. I just didn't imagine ALL the ways it could/would go wrong."

But the mum's trouble didn't end there, soon after she gave birth to her second child, who she called Alexander.

"His middle name is my dad and brothers middle name, Hale. He got off easy," she said.

But her third child was named after a character on Game of Thrones

"We LOVE Game of Thrones and one of our favourite characters is Arya Stark.

"I love the name but preferred the Aria spelling so that's how we chose her first name.

Her middle name is a compromise, my husband desperately wanted to name her Valkyrie.

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"I said no way in hell. We settled on Valyrie. It's a real name spelled differently to give a nod to Norse mythologies."

The mum quipped: "I shouldn't be allowed to name people."

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