I get trolled for my Turkey teeth – people say they're too big, I need a refund and that I look like Rob Beckett | The Sun

A MAN has revealed that he jetted abroad to get a set of bright white teeth, but is trolled for how they look. 

Jordan Declan Field explained that he flew to Turkey for a new smile, but trolls slam his teeth as “too big.” 

Not only this, but Jordan claimed that people say he looks like Rob Beckett as a result of his teeth. 

He is just one of many who have jetted off to Turkey to get their teeth done, in a trend that has been dubbed "Turkey teeth".

The TikTok hashtag "#TurkeyTeeth" has reached more than 130 million views.

Several reality TV influencers and celebrities have also had veneers done, including former Love Island star Jack Fincham and Katie Price.

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The procedure of having veneers done can be aggressive and invasive to teeth – as they require almost 70% of your teeth to be filed down.

Jordan took to TikTok to reveal the messages from trolls he has received since he had his teeth done.

He posted his video with the caption ‘Keep them coming 🤣✌🏻’

He said: “Hate comments about my “Turkey teeth”.”

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Jordan claimed that trolls have said to him “you’ll need a refund” and “you’ll be sc****d in years to come.”

Not only this, but trolls have also slammed his teeth as “too big” and have posted “you could gnaw on a tree with those things.”

But finally, Jordan explained that many trolls have told him: “You look like Rob Beckett.”

TikTok users were divided at Jordan’s video – while many were complimentary of his new smile, others weren’t as kind. 

One person said: “If they make you happy, it's nobody's business where you went to get them. 😀😀” 

Another added: “They only jealous because they look amazing 🥰”

A third commented: “The first one is actual advice tho 😳. You will have no teeth by the time your 50” to which Jordan explained “It was health advice not just cosmetic.” 

Whilst someone else simply posted: “Please don't open your mouth.”

After receiving hate comments about the size of his new teeth, Jordan later explained: "You can pick the size of the teeth you like – some people like to get them very cut off straight, fangs, whatever.

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"I said I would like my teeth to look how they did before, even though the shape wasn't perfect.

"So yeah, I did have big teeth, I did have fangs on the side, and that's what I wanted, because it was my choice, and my money, and that's what I went for."

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