I got matching tattoos with teen daughter on holiday in Spain – people slammed me but it’s legal from 14 there

A MUM has hit back after being slammed for allowing her 17-year-old daughter to have a tattoo while on holiday in Spain.

Charlotte Gascoigne took to TikTok to show off the inkings that both she and her daughter Jasmine had had on their wrists – an infinity loop with the word "always" incorporated.

Over the video, she wrote: "When the legal age in Spain for a tattoo is 14 so you get matching tattoos."

While lots of comments on the video were from teenage girls tagging their friends to go and get Spanish tattoos, others were less than complimentary about Charlotte's parenting skills.

"what a model of a parent you are. 14?? next she can go have a baby and get married," one wrote.

Charlotte then responded in another video as she hit back: "Jasmine’s not 14, if that’s what you meant, she's 17, and the law in Spain to have a tattoo is from 14.

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"So yeah, I am a model parent, because I was just being a law-abiding citizen and just following the law – cos she’s three years over the age."

People were quick to offer some reassurances on that video, with one writing: "Pretty sure she knows that whatever she gets will be on her daughter forever – people are soo nosey."

"My daughter started tattooing herself when she was 17. Her body her choice," another added.

"People need to keep their nose out of others parenting it’s why people are miserable because they spend their sad existence judging others," a third wrote.

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Meanwhile, someone else suggested they should have opted for another tattoo design, writing: "That is going to bleed into one unrecognisable word because of how close the letters are/how small it is."

Charlotte responded with several worried looking emojis.

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In Spain, people can get tattoos from the age of 14, depending on the region.

But in the U.K., it's illegal under the age of 18, unless given for medical reasons.

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