I had a 32-hour labour, then an emergency C-section – I was excited to post my baby news, but my mother-in-law ruined it | The Sun

SHE had a 32-hour labour and an emergency C-section to bring her daughter into the world.

And when she was done, relaxing in her new baby bubble, Steph decided to take a look at Facebook – in preparation for sharing her exciting news.

It was at that point that Steph saw that she'd been beaten to it, as her mother-in-law had posted about the baby girl's arrival first.

"POV: you’re scrolling on Facebook after a 32 hour labour, emergency section and realise you’re not the first one to post your baby," she wrote over a TikTok video of herself exclaiming "What?"

"Am I being dramatic when I said this upset me??" she captioned her video.

"I was asleep and my partner found the post on Facebook," someone commented on the clip.

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"His dad's girlfriend had done it. To say he got that taken down asap is an understatement."

"So disrespectful, why do people think it’s acceptable?" Steph replied.

"i bet it was the mother in law," another wrote.

With Steph writing: "Yes."

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"My mother-in-law announced my pregnancy on Facebook after being told not to post anything until I do," someone else revealed.

"you have everrryyyyy right to feel that way," another added.

With Steph responding: "Thank u!!

"It was 2.5 years ago and still hurts me so much."

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