I had the biggest legal boob job – I'm furious with my new botched and crooked surgery & I've got to live with it | The Sun

A GLAMOROUS model who once had the biggest legal boob job has been left furious with her latest botched surgery.

Neyleen Ashley, 33, is no stranger to going under the knife after getting her breasts enhanced to the largest legal size in the US.

She spent £15,000 on three enhancement surgeries – ending up with 1,250CC implants that roughly equate to a G or H cup size.

But while she recently downsized after they implants left her in excruciating pain – she has also bemoaned another surgery she had, a nose job.

Neyleen has previously spoken of her regret about her incredibly large implants, admitting she got them after thinking she needed them to boost her online presence.

She first went under the knife at 18 – and has even revealed she has considered having the enhancements removed completely.

Neyleen – who is an Instagram influencer who earns £800 per post – revealed her most recent op in 2021 was botched, leaving her with a "crooked" nose.

The self confessed "hot-mum-of-two" admits she doesn't even feel like she needed the surgery and now majorly regrets going under the knife again.

And she revealed after her latest op, she's decided not to have any more work done.

"Unfortunately I got a nose job I didn’t need," Neyleen told The Sun Online.

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"My nose was perfectly fine and I did it anyways, and now I would say I have been botched.

"My nose is completely crooked now, so it’s either something I fix or something I have to live with".

She revealed back when she first started getting surgery she was lured in by the trend of "the bigger the better".

"I wanted to stand out amongst the masses," said Neyleen.

"I also had a boyfriend at the time that told me I needed it."

Since breaking onto the social media scene, Neyleen has amassed an army of 1.5million followers on TikTok and 2.5million on Instagram.

But she doesn't consider herself to be famous, and went on to become a registered nurse and behavioural therapist after finishing her studies.

And the model – who once dated ex-NBA star Kris Humphries – said she is now "longing for love".

Humphries was famously married to Kim Kardashian for 72 days after the pair married on August 20, 2011.

But the basketball star was spotted romancing Neyleen in 2021 as they hung out in Miami.

"I’m not dating Kris, but I would say we were still friends before he blocked me," said the model.

"He was upset that I was in a relationship after him and the last conversation wasn’t very kind – but I still consider him a friend, or more so like family.

"I’ll always be here for him no matter what."

Even though she is now on the hunt for a man who will "treat her the way she deserves," Neyleen recalls dating Humphries as one of the "favourite chapters in the story of her life".

The model took to TikTok to look for a man – listing her desired qualities.

She said how she'd like to have a farm, move out of Miami, and even date a dad.

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"I’m hoping to be with someone that treats me the way I deserve, I long for love," the glamorous Instagram model said.

"And I function at my best when I’m caring for someone, so I hope that wherever I end up, love finds me there."

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