I have the UK’s biggest female feet – I’m so clumsy I always fall over them, and shoes cost me £1k | The Sun

A WOMAN who has the biggest feet in Britain has explained why one pair of shoes cost her a massive £1,000.

Julie Felton, who is 6ft 5in, is a Guinness World Record breaking size 16 and struggles to find footwear so much that she still dons pairs she bought 30 years ago.

The 53-year-old, from Ellesmere, Shrops, previously hit headlines in 2018 when she appealed for help in finding wedding shoes as she couldn't afford a custom pair.

But things haven't gotten any better as prices are still astronomical if she wanted to add something new to her collection.

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, she says: "The cost of buying shoes for my feet is horrific.

"People say 'oh get them made for you' and I have done that once or twice but at a cost of about £1,000 it’s a bit beyond me on my NHS salary.

"I’ve been extremely lucky to have had a couple of companies make me a pair, the latest was for my wedding.

"Even then I had to think practically and had them dyed after so I could wear them again.

"I still wear the shoes I had made for my first wedding in 1994.

"They get dragged out every now and again when I want a dressy shoe though they don’t look so dressy anymore after 29 years."

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Unfortunately for Julie, she admits she can't think of a single benefit about having such big feet.

She adds: "I could say balance but I’m so clumsy I trip up over them.

"The negatives are so numerous and yes there are the obvious things like not being able to go shoe shopping in the women's or men's section of shoe shops.

"There’s even very little choice online since I finally admitted to having a size 16 after cramming my feet into 15s for years.

"The choice dramatically reduces. As for the hidden negatives, well socks are a problem too.

"I buy men's but they don’t do many pretty designs for men and again I have to wear the biggest I can get, which is often two sizes too small.

"I can’t go ice skating, roller skating and wouldn’t entertain the idea of skiing unless it involved lots of research into ski boot sizes.

"It has been said I wouldn’t need skis on several occasions.

"Even ten pin bowling is an issue though the last time I went they did allow me to wear my own as long as they’re non marking soles."

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