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TINY houses have increased in popularity in the last few years, and while they may be a somewhat affordable way of owning your own home, they do come with a number of drawbacks.

Youtuber and tiny house owner Jenna has shared some of the problems that can arise when living in a tiny house, and what you should know before making the decision to downsize and live in one.

According to Jenna, cleaning a tiny house has its pros and cons.

On one hand it only takes 20 minutes to clean the entire house, but because of the size you can also end up having to constantly clean up some areas.

The lack of an entryway can mean that you end up tracking in mud through your house, which you’ll need to clean immediately, making returning from a hike or walking your dog a bit more stressful than if you live in a bigger house.

Jenna also has a composting toilet in her house, which can lead to some awkward discussions.


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She has instructions on how to use her toilet, but when people are desperate they don’t want to have to read a guide on using the loo, so she ends up having to quickly tell them. 

Something of a mood killer if you have a date over, or are hosting a couple of guests for a dinner party.

Jenna adds that when her boyfriend first visited her home, she had to tell him he would have to wee sitting down.

She says that one of her least favourite things to do in a tiny house is to make the bed.

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The small space makes putting a fitted sheet on a mattress, and a duvet cover on a duvet, even more difficult than it already can be.

Another issue that can arise in such a small space is that of smells.

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These can come from cooking, perfume, or a pet, but because the house is so tiny the smell can spread around the entire space, rather than just being limited to one room.

Jenna says: “I can have four or five people over for dinner semi-comfortably at my table.''

However, she’d be unable to host any large dinner parties or game nights for her friends.

If you live in a tiny house, there’s no way to expand, which may cause problems if your family begins to grow.

Although if this is the case, you’ll likely want to move to a larger house anyway.

Similarly, it’s not just the size of the house you have to worry about, but the weight of things inside.

This is especially true if your tiny house is on a trailer, which you will move around.

However, if you have a static tiny house this will be less of a concern.

One problem that may make tiny houses not suitable for everyone, is that they tend to have a small amount of closet space for your clothes.

This means that you’ll likely end up having to limit yourself to only a few outfits – and get rid of items you’ll be unlikely to wear again.

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Issues can also arise for people living in tiny houses (especially those on trailers) when it comes to legal issues, such as where you are allowed to park and insurance problems.

So if you’re planning on making the change and downsizing to a tiny house, be sure to check how this will work for you.

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