I needed the loo so went at my bloke’s house – I'd just met his mum but she yelled at me for ignoring their toilet rule

A WOMAN has recalled the mortifying time she had to go to the toilet at her new man's house, and was then shouted at by his mum for not using the "poo spray".

The lady took to TikTok to share her embarrassing tale, sharing a clip of herself enjoying an iced drink.

She wrote over the top: "Thinking about the time I went over this guy’s house I was talking to for the first time and pooped in the far end guest bathroom and his mum came down to yell at him for not using the poo spray and he told he it was me.

"Then she started yelling at me while he continued to play rocket league."

She then further expanded on exactly what had happened in another video on TikTok.

"This probably happened when I was 16," she began.

"I was going through a rough break-up and my work husband was like, ‘You should come with my family to my lake house this weekend, it’s going to be super fun.’

"So I went, I was having a great time, and then I had to go!"

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So she decided to go "upstairs in the attic" to a "sketchy like half-bathroom that no-one ever uses".

"Behind the toilet there’s a basket and it’s filled with like tampons, pads and then like ten poo sprays," she continued.

"But they weren’t opened… and honestly, I didn’t even know what these sprays were. I didn’t even know you were supposed to spray them before you go – I use Febreze.

"So I don’t use them, I go back to the room and Jeremy was like, ‘Oh my God, you took forever, what were you doing?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, I was just hanging out with your family, ha ha.'"

A little while later, she heard a "scream from the other room", before Jeremy's mum "bursts" in to the room and shouts, "Jeremy! You were with me when we brought those sprays and you still can’t use them? You are so lazy.'"

She continued screaming at her son, before he insisted he hadn't even been to the toilet, at which point she turned her attention to the woman and asked if it was her.

"I did not say a word, I was mortified," she added. "And then she goes on to yell at me for 10 minutes about how I’d polluted her air with my poop particles and how it was so disrespectful that I did that."

The "whole time, Jeremy is just playing his game", she sighed, admitting that because the lake house was an hour away from her home, she couldn't even leave after the embarrassment.

And the whole time Jeremy is just playing his game, and she finally left. But i couldn’t even leave – I was stuck there the entire weekend – I was an hour away from my house. 

The video quickly attracted a host of comments from viewers, including one who wrote: "I would s**t in a package and send it to his mom. What kind of a mom would yell at a guest for pooping? Rude."

"She sounds like she's got some personal issues she needs to work on. She shouldn't have yelled at you," another person added.

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