I regret what I named my one-year-old son – I never said it out loud & it's far too common, I'm desperate to change it | The Sun

CHOOSING a baby name for a newborn is a tricky decision for any parent to make.

While some prefer traditional monikers, others opt for something a little more unique.

But one anonymous mum took to Reddit and explained how almost a year ago, she named her son Joseph – and instantly regretted it.

"I love the look of it written (it looks nicely balanced to me) and Saint Joseph is important to my husband and me," she continued.

"But after we named him this I realised a few things.

"1) we always discussed our name choices via text and didn't say it out loud much.


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"I don't like the sound of it as much as it looks written."

She went on to say that it also "feels too common" – especially because her other kids "don't have top 100 names."

The worried mum added: "I ADORE the name Josephine and if I ever had another girl now I couldn't name her this."

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But despite considering changing her son's name for the first few months, she admitted no other names felt "perfect."

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She then went on to ask social forum users to help her find a nickname she loves.

"Don't like Joe or Joey (I know, I know, then why did we name him Joseph?!)," she noted.

"I've heard Seph or Sep and they don't seek like him. His middle name is an honour name that is way too similar to my daughter's first name to call him by that.

"My husband doesn't like initial names ("J.C."). Are there any I'm forgetting??

"I've joked about using 'Terry' because St Joseph is known as the "terror of demons" (love this), but my husband thinks that's a stretch and I agree (and don't like the name Terry anyways)."

The woman concluded the post by asking for nickname suggestions, before questioning: "Or will I ever get over this and someday feel a sense of peace about his name instead of stressing about it?"

The post was inundated with comments, with some offering name ideas while others reassured the mum there's nothing wrong with 'Joseph.'

"I think there’s a strong possibility he’ll just grow into his name, and it’ll grow on you," wrote one.

"Besides, in a few years it’ll be up to him whether he goes by Joseph or a nickname, and you’ll be off the hook!"

A second advised: "Use a middle name nickname – I have family members named Joseph who go by their middle names."

A third penned: "I know a boy named Joseph who is called Josey.

"To me, Josey doesn’t come off as feminine the way Josie does— although they sound exactly the same."

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Meanwhile, a fourth reassured: "For what it's worth I absolutely adore the name Joseph. Really really like it! What about Jesse for a nickname.

"Bit of a stretch but it starts with a name and if you say JC really quickly it does sound like Jesse!"

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