I tried Kim & Kourtney Kardashian's weird de-stressing method – I hallucinated & felt salty after, but I'd do it again | The Sun

KIM and Kourtney Kardashian are forever wellness trendsetters — and they even influenced me to try their unusual relaxation method.

I recently tested out float therapy for its supposed therapeutic benefits, and while I'm definitely a fan, I'm a bit salty about an unexpected downside.

Kourtney's lifestyle blog, Poosh, included a quick rundown of the float experience, which she and Kim both tried out.

"Floating pools are open bodies of saltwater that enable floatation and, unlike enclosed tanks, there’s no fear of claustrophobia," the blog read.

"Flotation is considered therapeutic because it restores and refreshes one’s senses.

"There’s enough salt in the water that you become more buoyant, allowing your body — and mind — to completely relax."

Naturally, as a wellness junkie myself, I had to give the float a shot to see if it lived up to Kourtney and Kim's hype.


I tried the renowned OmFloat, just outside the nation’s capital in Ashburn, Virginia.

When I entered the room, I noticed the floating apparatus straight away.

I'm five-foot-10, and the contraption looked like it could induce anxiety for people struggling with claustrophobia.

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However, I was assured that the float tank has accommodated athletes with larger statures, including players for the Washington Commanders.

I was instructed to strip down to my birthday suit and wash up in the shower before entering the float.

Upon entering the device, I was hit with anxiety and had to remove my foot and step away for a breathing exercise.

After recalibrating, I reentered the floating apparatus and laid still.

I floated effortlessly on top of the Epsom salt water, which was filled up 10 inches high.

Upon closing the door on myself, I was in complete darkness and able to tune into my own thoughts.


At one point during my float, I felt I could see shooting stars inside the tank, which I initially thought was a visual effect within the tank itself.

It turned out the shooting stars were in my own imagination, which went a bit wild in the sensory deprivation tank.

I am not alone in my esoteric experience, as experts Brooks and Amy Brinson guided me through.

Brooks shared that a high-income area like Loudon County, Virginia often attracts wealthy clientele who have spiritual epiphanies while floating.

"They realize that you don't really need anything, that everything you need you already have within you and that gives you an opportunity to turn inwards," he said.

"Talk about floating being a lifestyle, it's also about learning how to do that and taking it out in the world with you," Amy added.

I also noticed that I had some hip pain due to some vanity lifting in the gym.

Immediately after the float, I felt like my achy hip returned to normal.

Amy assured me that the holistic experience of feeling better after a float is not uncommon.

"Somebody may be coming for back pain and then they get so relaxed and they end up having a spiritual experience that they would not have planned on or expected," she said.


While the experience was enjoyable and something I will certainly try again and again, it did leave me with an unwanted memento from the experience.

I happened to get some Epsom salt stuck in my ear, which made for an uncomfortable cracking sound.

However, I was able to remedy the situation using a solution of water and distilled white vinegar to dissolve the salt.

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Despite the discomfort, I am a believer in float therapy for resetting the mind and body for a satisfying wellness experience.

You may even start seeing stars – like I did.

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