I tried the viral Skims dress – there’s a major problem depending on your boob size | The Sun

KIM Kardashian's clothing company advertises itself as size-inclusive, but some fans have pointed out a problem.

TikTok user Asya shared the sizing issue she had with a popular Skims dress.

Asya modeled the soft lounge long-sleeve dress, available for $88.

She shared that she was "disappointed" by how the viral garment fitted her chest.

"Some of us are flat-chested, Kim. And I don’t want to alter my body to fit clothes," the TikToker said.

Asya showed her followers the poor-fitting material at the chest area of the dress, with her shapewear clearly visible underneath.

Apart from this issue, the influencer appeared to be a fan of the look.

She detailed: "It gives everything it’s supposed to give shape-wise, fabric-wise. The same thing as the other Skims dresses, they give."

The TikTok user suggested an alteration to the dress that would allow it to be more versatile in terms of sizing.

"Let’s make it a neckline next tiny, not a [boob] line. It’s not fair," Asya concluded.

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Her followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the issue.

"Kim’s brand is marketed as universal and for all body types. This dress just isn’t that," agreed one user.

Another viewer wrote: "For an $88 dress you should be able to wear the damn dress the way it’s supposed to look when she puts all sizes in her catalogs."

"This wasn't made for her body, she's doing nothing but showing a small flaw in the design because it wasn't well thought out," said a third person.

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