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A WOMAN has claimed that she caught her boyfriend 'cheating' on her using AI technology – and has shared her "genius" trick in a bid to help others.

Mia Dio, 22, from Miami, supposedly used AI software to "clone" her boyfriend Billy's voice after she noticed he'd been acting strange.

Sharing her clever plan, she alleges that she used the fake AI voice to phone her partner Billy's best friend – only to learn from the pal that her boyfriend had kissed someone else during a night out. 

'I'm going to AI clone my boyfriend's voice, call his best friend, and figure out if he lied to me about what he was doing last night,' she claims in the clip shared to TikTok.

'My boyfriend has been acting very weird. [So] I opened up voice cloning software and imported voicemails that my boyfriend has left. 

'I typed in a script of what I want my "boyfriend" to tell his friend.' 


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Mia then claims that she called the pal on her boyfriend's iPad, before seemingly listening on in horror as he revealed secrets from the night before.

Supposedly believing he really was talking to his Billy, the friend went on to recall how he 'got f****ing s***-faced' and 'picked up some random girl and made out with her in front of everyone."


The video has gone viral, racking up over 2.7 million views, with many branding Mia as a “genius”.

“She may be sad, but she’s a sad genius,” wrote one.

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A second quipped: “I HAVE to know what happens next.”

Another user penned: “Girl you are intelligent. You deserve better.”

A further commented: “I’m so sorry honey.”

And another added: "I didn’t expect it to work.”

But luckily, all was not as it seemed, as Mia then revealed that she had constructed the prank herself because she wanted to prove to followers it could work.

“Important context here is that this video was fully a prank on my fans, and both my boyfriend and friend were in on it," she admits.

“One night, him and I are talking and it comes up how you can genuinely clone someone’s voice.

“I remember watching the news and they were talking about that AI kidnapping scam, and I thought it was crazy.

“Right around the same time, the AI Drake song went super viral and I was blown away at how realistic it sounded.

“From there, I began thinking about scenarios in my own life that an AI voice imitation would have been useful.

“I thought about an ex who had cheated on me and how this type of technology would have saved me a lot of time.

“We decided to try it with his voice and we were shocked at how close the results were – and we came up with the idea for the fictional prank video together.”

Mia also shared how she managed to imitate his voice so accurately that she managed to fool all of her followers.

She explained: “I used a software called ElevenLabs, it was around £3.14.

“The first thing I had to do was acquire voice recordings of the person whose voice I wanted to replicate, which I did with my boyfriend using voice memos and voicemails.

“Next, I created a natural-sounding script that I wanted my boyfriend to ask his friend on the line – granted, everyone was in on it.

“All in all, the script preparation process was very short.

“Once this was completed, we were able to generate the recording.

“All that was left to do was simply call the friend we had selected for the prank, and let the recording play out like an organic conversation while filming the video.

“I’m sure that in the video, it sounded more robotic – but in person, it was extremely convincing, even to me, who created it.”

While viewers were duped by the video, Mia clarified that, in her case, it was thankfully not true.

She added: “We were surprised at the number of people who believed this happened.

“The reaction to the cheating online was largely supportive of me and I appreciated the love my fans gave, even though it ended up being a prank.

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“My boyfriend and I are still happily together!

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