I was dress coded at my gym for wearing the viral TikTok leggings – I’m so embarrassed, I feel like I can’t even go back | The Sun

A WOMAN who was dress coded at her gym for wearing the viral TikTok leggings has hit back, insisting she has no idea why she was "shamed" for her workout gear.

Kerry took to the social media site to explain the situation, revealing she was pulled to one side by the owner of the female-only gym she attended and reprimanded for her bright yellow trousers.

"When I found a gym that I felt comfortable in and I really enjoyed it changed my life," she said.

"But they actually said something to me that made me feel so uncomfortable, I never wanted to go back again.

"They say, ‘Hey, we’ve got to have a talk about your dress code’.

"I’m like, my dress code? I wear leggings and a sports bra every day, that’s just what I wear.

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"This day in particular I was wearing these yellow leggings, and they continued to say, ‘I’m really sorry we have to have this conversation but apparently you’re making a few women feel uncomfortable with the leggings that you wear.’"

Admitting she first felt "confusion and shock", Kerry explained that she almost felt ashamed for the situation, although was well aware that she shouldn't.

"I said, ‘How am I making women feel uncomfortable here? This is supposed to be a safe space for us, no judgement, and I wasn’t wearing anything that was inappropriate'," she continued.

"And they’re like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know, a few women – more than one – came up to me and said that the leggings that you wear are distracting and also offensive.’

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"And I was like, ‘Offensive?’

"When I think of clothing that is offensive… if I was walking around in a thong or something, maybe I could understand."

Kerry then showed the leggings she was wearing that caused such a backlash, adding: "They are bright, my assets do maybe stand out more, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this.

"Why am I being shamed by this? Especially for a women’s gym."

People in the comments section were quick to reassure Kerry that she had nothing to feel embarrassed about, with one writing: "You look great. Ladies are jelly!"

"Those women are jealous and no those pants do not offend me," another agreed.

"I think u look great."

"I hate to think that they were hating!" Kerry replied.

"But it’s a very 'mean girl' thing to do!"

"So they were offended that you look so great," a third commented.

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As another wrote: "Gym owner here. Nothing wrong with what you’re wearing.

"Only thing that’s wrong is their insecurities."

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