I work at Best Buy – shoppers who try out a common hack before entering the store should be 'embarrassed' | The Sun

A BEST Buy employee has revealed the common hack shoppers should be "embarrassed" for doing.

TikTok user Ellie Zo (@ellie.zo), who describes herself as a lover of anime and video games, recently took to the video-sharing platform to complain about how customers wait at the store entrance before it opens.

“Can someone please tell me if this is just a Best Buy thing or does this happen to other stores?” Ellie explains in the TikTok post, according to Daily Dot.

Ellie continues: "People will literally stand outside the door 20 minutes before we’re supposed to open.

"Are you not embarrassed standing right outside the door, waiting for someone to open the door?

"Sit in your car, breathe a little bit, take a f***in’ break. I promise there’s nothing in there that you need that badly that you need to be the first one in the store at open."

She insists that the store will still have whatever items shoppers will be looking for if they wait inside their car.

Ellie reportedly ended the clip by saying she put in her two weeks' notice and will soon no longer be working for the company.

In response to her complaint, one viewer commented in support of shoppers who wait outside before the store opens.

The TikTok user commented: "Nope went to Chicago and walked to a comic books store before they opened, wanted to be in ASAP so I could go catch my flight."

Another said: "I know people that make thousands off of reselling items and they try and get there early because with the shortages they have to…so it makes sense."

However, others commented in support of her criticism.

“When I worked at a clinic people would line up 30 mins before we open expecting to get in…the MD ain’t even there yet,” another person wrote.

Meanwhile, in one of Ellie's most recent TikTok videos, also wearing her Best Buy work attire, she shared a post with overlay text reading: "Leaving a job that mentally and physically drains you."

And in another video clip, Ellie opened up about something else that annoyed her—when customers ask her if there is a man they can speak to.

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