I worked at Hooters – strict rules I had to follow from nail length to managers taking your phones | The Sun

HOOTERS is known primarily for the perfect-looking girls that work there.

A TikToker, who claims to be a former Hooters girl, has shared some of the strict rules in place for staff.

TikTok user Alyssa, who runs the account Wizkhalysssaa, shared her experience working as a Hooters waitress, including the rules staff had to follow.

The former Hooters girl clarified that the rules she was discussing were specific to the management at her location.

"Disclaimer, not all locations have the same rules. My location was a lot more strict than other locations," she informed viewers.

The first rule Alyssa claimed she was required to follow involved a limit on nail length.

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"Your nails can’t be longer than the width of a pen, so this would be too long," she said, showing her acrylics to her followers.

In the comments section, Alyssa added: "They all have to be the same color too. I got a write up for having an accent nail."

She also said it was mandatory for staff to hand over their phones before clocking in.

"At the beginning of your shift, the manager takes your phone and locks it in the office, so you don’t go on your phone during your shift," Alyssa claimed.

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The former employee also told her followers that she and her co-workers had strict rules to follow in relation to face piercings and tattoos.

She explained in the comments: "Tattoos basically have to be smaller than the size of your palm, if it’s visible with the uniform on. Otherwise you have to cover it with makeup."

According to Alyssa, her location even had measures in place when it came to hairstyles.

"For my black queens, you can’t have cornrows. They have to be free-flowing braids," Alyssa said.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the strict workplace.

"Dang, I'm kind of mad about the hair braids though, that makes me sad," wrote one viewer.

Another follower commented: "If my manager tried to take my phone, I’d quit."

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"I understand the nail thing because it’s considered 'unsanitary,' but everything else is ridiculous," said a third person.

The US Sun has reached out to Hooters for comment.

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