I’m 40 and get trolled for not dressing my age but I don't care if haters say my clothes are inappropriate | The Sun

A WOMAN has clapped back at trolls after she was slammed online for dressing "inappropriately" as a 40-year-old but she says age is just a number.

Becky Overbeck shared her thoughts in a TikTok about how she can dress as young as she feels, despite what others may think.

Known as @beckyoverbeck on the platform, Becky lives a visibly healthy lifestyle.

She is a fitness trainer, sponsored athlete, business owner, online athletic coach, and life coach who helps guide others to make health-conscious choices throughout their lives.

Though not everyone is delighted by her social content.

One troll made his opinions about the TikTok user's outfit choices in a comment on a previous clip, and Becky used that as fuel for her fiery video.

An unknown user commented on a previous TikTok of Becky's that read: "You're too old for holes in the jeans. The black ones."

The Hawaii resident addresses her video to that troll and to anyone else who may have something negative to say about her lifestyle.

To set the tone of the video, she has the unknown user's reply at the top left of the video with the subtitle "DRESS YOUR AGE?!?!" across the bottom of the screen.

To further prove her point, she includes numerous hashtags on the video pertaining to her messages, such as #ageisjustanumber, #womenempowerment,#powerfulwoman, and much more.

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"I currently do not own jeans because we came to Hawaii with just a suitcase of clothing and jeans weren't really a priority for me," she says at the start of the video.

She then tells viewers why the troll's comments and those similar to them are wrong.

"I am a 40-year-old woman, and I feel like we should not be telling women what is appropriate to wear," she confidently states.

The TikTok user not only prides herself on her fit body, but also on making her mental health and happiness a priority.

"For those of you who are new to my page, I spent 39 years as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and I was told what to wear, what not to wear for way too long," she says.

The health coach's prior life experiences in the religious community are exactly why she feels it is important to live for herself.

That includes wearing whatever she wants, whenever she wants because she will no longer allow others to tell her what is appropriate to wear, online or in person.

"Now that I am free, I will wear absolutely anything I enjoy, I like and I feel good in," Becky declared.

The former Jehovah's Witness did not stop there and asks one more question as the video comes to a close.

"And also is there a guidebook I'm missing out on that tells women what to wear?" she says at the end of the video.

TikTok users flocked to comment on her video with positive feedback.

"I’ve read the tags Sis there isn’t an age on any of them!! Rock your style!!" one user wrote.

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"I’m 40 in June and will rock whatever I want to wear!!! Kudos to you for doing the same," another added.

"Oh WOW, I am 62 and wear jeans with holes. If it makes you feel good, wear whatever it is!" a viewer commented.

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