I’m 48 and get trolled for acting like a 20-year-old – but I love wearing bikinis and dancing on TikTok | The Sun

"YOUTH is wasted on the young," as the saying goes – and one 48-year-old has shared how she stays young at heart and in life.

Rose Cordeiro is a fitness fanatic who loves to dance and show off her toned physique in bold outfit choices – and when she gets nasty trolls telling her to act her age, she pays them no mind.

She took to TikTok to show off her moves as well as her style — in spite of haters who constantly criticize her carefree ways.

"Me minding my own business and just having fun at 48 bc (sic) I'm not dead yet," she wrote in a video of her dancing in denim daisy dukes and a neon plunging crop top.

Her video was a response to a critic of her content.

"Grandma can you please go spend your time with your grandkids instead of doing what 20-year-old girls do," the hater wrote.


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She quipped back in the racy dance video: "48 yo (sic) mom of 4. No grandkids yet."

Viewers offered support to Cordeiro in the comments.

"Tons of 20-year-olds wish they looked like you!" one commenter wrote. "Gorgeous."

Cordeiro also danced to the song Call Me Every Day in a skin-colored sports bra and a pair of green cargo short shorts.

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"Girl why what's the point!" wrote a critic, referring to her barely-there wardrobe and high-energy dance moves.

"Bc (sic) I'm 48 years young and still know how to dance and have fun!" Cordeiro retorted.

Supporters offered their two cents in the comment section of the dance video.

"I think she is doing what makes her happy and showing other women that age really is just a number," one viewer wrote. "She is beautiful and vibrant.

Cordeiro also shared her beach look in a video she captioned, "bc (sic) summer ain't over yet."

She made a smooth transition from wearing an oversized t-shirt to a tiny, bright yellow bikini — showing off her beach-ready body.

Viewers were stunned by her vibrant look.

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"Never knew that yellow was my favorite color until now," one fan wrote.

Cordeiro proved that mothers over 40 can express their style to the world.

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