I’m a 37-year-old mom – I proudly go braless in public, people can judge away | The Sun

The ‘ditch your bra’ movement has gained another convert.

This time it is TikToker Flower Child (@theflowerchild11) who goes bra-free.

She is loving the sense of liberation and it shows in her video.

But to make the move she has had to confront her self-consciousness about going out in public with no support.

It can be intimidating and might draw uninvited comments and slurs.

After all, she's going against the age-old expectations of women everywhere.

Nonetheless, this 37-year-old mom, wife, and artist, finally frees herself of rigid cultural standards and ditches her bra.

In her post, her arms are folded over her braless chest, and she looks awkward.

She captions her post: “Old me, embarrassed to go braless in public. Scared to go against ‘societal norms’.”

She has a change of heart, however, and the video skips.

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This time she is smiling widely, and jumping around joyously: “Me now. Judge away. I am freeeee and love my body," she says delightedly.

A whopping number of followers liked her post, nearly 37,000, with many admiring her determination.

Many of her fans have already gone braless and don’t regret it.

“Yessss Queen. I ditched my bra about seven years ago," was a comment typical of many.

This fan related very well: “Life is too short to wear that sweat trap everywhere till we die.”

There was yet another bra-free follower: “Me too sis. I went out in public without one the other day and no one cares.”

This viewer will never go back: “I’ve been without one for about five years, freedom.”

One fan loved her attitude: “You are spectacular in every way and I love that you are proud of your body and feel more confident in your own skin.”

Finally, inspiration: “You go lady. Set them free and be happy. Do what makes you feel good and to hell with everyone else.”

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