I'm a bona fide witch – friends have ditched me, I get savaged by trolls & I've had death threats but I won't disappear | The Sun

Signing into her YouTube channel, Ginny Metheral braces herself for the usual slew of hateful comments. 

Despite being a white witch – one who uses sorcery for the benefit of others – such is the prejudice against witches that she regularly gets death threats.

She’s constantly trolled and even her oldest friends have turned against her. But she won’t let that put her off – she’s proud of her magical powers.

Ginny, 51, a married mum to three teenagers, lives in rural Devon and has turned an outbuilding into her witch’s room.

She explains, “I’m a fourth-generation witch, my mother, granny and great granny all had supernatural powers. I grew up knowing I was one and completely accepted it. 

“But sadly so many people don’t understand it and I think some people would happily drown me like they did to witches in the medieval times.



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"I live near Bideford where some of the last witches were hanged. 

“When I came out in February 2020, some of my oldest friends ghosted me.

"Relations hate it too and if they do allow me to family gatherings, they make it clear they don’t want to hear about my witchcraft.

"I’m bombarded with death threats and curses on social media.

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"In my local village one man crosses the road when he sees me and some of my children’s friends aren’t allowed to my house.

"Luckily my children are completely accepting though they have no desire to dabble in the occult themselves.   

“But it isn’t going to stop me – I’ve cast a protective spell around me and my family and I know we’ll be safe.”

Ginny first made a magical potion when she was six. She says, “I learnt from my mother who was always reading palms and doing spells. I’d sit beside her and take it all in. 

“The first spell I did was when I was six and wanted to be friends with a girl at school.

"I made a potion from rose petals, which I read in one of my mother’s books, and sprayed it near her – it worked, though I learnt not to tell my classmates I was a witch, after they teased me.”

Ginny didn’t even tell her husband until after they were married, though she believes it was a spell that brought him to her. 

She admits, “I was 24 and desperate to find love, so I did a spell from a book which involved planting peas in a pot.

"A few weeks later, three of them sprouted and I met my husband and we went on to have our three children.

"Though I don’t do specific love spells as it’s unfair to enchant someone against their will.

“I gradually introduced the subject of witches into our conversations over the years, so by the time I admitted I was one, he’d already accepted it!”

Ginny’s magic is always with good in mind. She won’t do money spells after she did one for herself and sadly just a few months later both her parents died. 

“We had lots of unexpected bills to pay,” she explains. “So, I cast a spell from one of my books to get money.

"A week later my mother was diagnosed with secondary cancer and died after six weeks. Six months later my father died from a stroke.

"I did inherit money which sorted out our debts, but at a terrible price – I’d give it all back to spend an hour with them.”

Ginny uses herbs, crystals, pendants, wands – which she makes herself from different sorts of wood – a crystal ball and a copper bowl for potions and a broomstick – but only to sweep away negative energy before spellcasting.

She’s turned one of the outbuildings of her house into her ‘witch room’.

One of her specialities is casting protective spells.

When they moved the into their house the first thing she did was cast a spell on it to ward off evil and negativity, dotting her blood from a cut she made on her thumb round its four corners while chanting a spell. 

She says, “Blood is very powerful when you’re doing spells. So far we’ve been really happy here.

"And once my husband lit a bonfire at the edge of our property. It got out of control but stopped at the boundary of my spell.”

Ginny is not only a practising witch, she’s in a coven with two other local witches, but she teaches sorcery online and in person – with clients as diverse as lawyers and students.

 She also does house clearances and pagan weddings and earns up to £2000 a month from that and her subscribers on YouTube.

Ginny confides that she’s also been successful recently with a fertility spell. She explains, “People come to me desperate for children.

First, I look into their future, using spirit guides and a crystal ball to see if I can see them with children. I won’t raise their hopes if I can’t.

But if I can, then I’ll cast a spell to open them up to having children. Currently one of my clients is pregnant which is lovely.”

Despite the online abuse and people avoiding her Ginny has no plans to change her witchy ways. 

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She says, “I’m proud of what I do. I love my work and my way of life. People can call me mad, or tell me I deserve to die, but it doesn’t harm me.

"And there are more people out there like me than you’d imagine…”

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