I'm a cleaning-mad mum and these are the £1 cleaning products you need to make your home spotless

FOR HONEST cleaning reviews that you can trust, Mrs D is someone we always go to for advice.

If you want to get your house looking and smelling amazing but don’t want to break the bank on expensive products, Mrs D has come to the rescue.

Here, Mrs D gives Fabulous her exclusive recommendations for every single cleaning product you would ever need.

From washing up liquid to toilet cleaner, here is the complete list of products you need to get your home sparkling.

And the best part?

Every single product is £1 or less!

Your home will be looking fabulous and you won’t have to worry about spending loads.

So, if you need some cleaning product inspo, read on as Mrs D tells you everything you need.

Fairy original washing up liquid

The only washing up liquid you will ever need is fairy original.

It will leave your plates squeaky clean and super shiny.

Available to buy for £1 from Tesco.

Floella concentrated disinfectant

Floella comes in many different fragrances and it’s a great bargain for just £1.

Pop a cap down your kitchen drain to helps keep your kitchen smelling fresh all day long….

Remember you don’t need to flush it with boiling hot water just leave it to sit in the drain.

Available to buy for £1 from Savers.

Flash antibacterial wipes

Wipes are always handy to keep in your cleaning cupboard for a quick wipe up of your kitchen surfaces or even wiping your toilet seat to keep them free of nasty germs.

Available to buy for 99p from Home Bargains.

Pledge polish

Pledge polish is the only polish I will use.

It smells incredible and always leaves the perfect shine behind.

This product is £1 in lots of different places such as Tesco, B&M, Home Bargins, Morrisons and Asda.

Stardrops Ammonia

Stardrops Ammonia is a good old-fashioned cleaning product.

It’s fantastic for cleaning all surfaces but personally I love to use it to clean my skirting boards.

It’s great at removing scuff marks from shoes.

Available to buy for 99p from Home Bargains.

Cif cream cleaner

Cif cream cleaner is a must have in any cleaning cupboard.

I personally love to use it to clean the kitchen sink, and to clean limescale from my glass shower screen.

This product is £1 in lots of different places such as Tesco, B&M, Home Bargains, Morrisons & Asda.

Domestos pink bleach

Domestos pink bleach is the number one bleach for me.

It doesn’t have an overpowering bleach scent and it’s great for cleaning up stubborn stains.

Remember not to use boiling hot water with bleach and never mix it with any other cleaning products or chemicals.

Available to buy for 98p from Tesco.

Bloo lotus bamboo toilet rim block

Great for keeping your toilet clean every time you flush and also helps fight limescale.

Available to buy for 99p from Home Bargains.

Harpic Power Plus toilet 10x

Living in a hard water area can be a little bit of a nightmare when it comes to limescale build-up, especially when it’s making your toilet bowl look grim.

Harpic power plus 10x will remove that nasty looking limescale buildup at the bottom of your toilet leaving your toilet bowl bright white again.

Available to buy for £1 from B&M.

Flash antibacterial kitchen cleaner

Your kitchen can harbour more germs than your bathroom can, so making sure it is completely germ free is so important.

That’s what flash antibac kitchen cleaner will do, killing 99.9% of bacteria and leaving a beautiful fresh scent behind.

£1 from Savers.

Dettol antibacterial bathroom cleaner

We all need an antibacterial bathroom cleaner and this is definitely one I would recommend.

It will leave your surfaces clean and shiny and for £1 from Poundland it’s a bargain.

Available to buy for £1 from Poundland.

The Pink Stuff cleaning paste

This slightly abrasive cleaning paste is great for cleaning so many different things.

Use it with an old toothbrush and give your grout a good scrub to remove any dirt and grime buildup, it will leave them looking new again.

You can also use it to remove grass stains from trainers, make your pots and pans sparkle again and also clean your coffee or tea stained mugs with it.

Available to buy for 89p from B&M.

Airwick Woolite Fabric Freshener

Airwick woolite fabric freshener is available in three different fragrances from Poundland, Fresh Sea Air, Garden After Rain and Cotton Fields & Magnolia.

They are great for neutralising bad odours from your furniture and your clothes.

Available to buy for £1 from Poundland.

Glade shake and Vac carpet freshener

Glade shake and Vac is a good old favourite in my house.

It's great for neutralising bad odours from your carpets and even better at making your home smell fresh.

Available to buy for 99p from Asda.

Elbow grease power cloth’s (7pk)

These powerful yellow cloths have scrubbing dots to help remove stubborn stains.

Use them all over your house to keep everything spotless, and once you are done with one throw in the washing machine, to give it a good clean ready to be used again.

Available to buy for £1 from B&M.

Elbow grease Sponge pad

This extra thick sponge pad is dual sided – one side is a non-scratch scourer for you to remove dirt while the other side is a soft microfiber to wipe all the dirt away.

You can use it all over your home from cleaning your kitchen to your bathroom and once you have finished using it you can then throw this versatile pad straight in your washing machine to be cleaned.

Available to buy for £1 from B&M.

Spontex soap scours

A steel wool pad with soap powder inside of them.

Once these are wet the foaming soap suds remove any stubborn stains.

They are perfect for using on your oven racks and burnt pots and pans.

Available to buy for 95p from Asda.

Marigold gloves

Keep your hands protected when using chemicals such as bleach these Marigold rubber gloves are the best on the market.

They will last you a lot longer than most rubber gloves but also you can pop them in the washing machine to keep them clean inside and out.

Available to buy for £1 from B&M.

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