I’m a CleanTok queen – my two-ingredient degreaser that's perfect for getting rid of grime and viral hacks I'd never do | The Sun

A CLEANTOK star is warning against the viral TikTok hacks that will do more harm than good.

Sharon Garcia told The U.S. Sun that people don't need many cleaning products and revealed her homemade degreaser hack that banishes dirt and grime.

Based in Los Angeles, Fabuloso Cleaning Expert Sharon Garcia (@sharoncleanseverything) has always had a knack for the act, which led her to her own successful business and large online following.

As the eldest of four, she always wanted to learn how to clean and has "always been passionate" about helping out around the house with her "OG cleaning freak" mother and organizer father.

From as young as six years old, the Hispanic woman remembers pulling up a chair to do the dishes for her mother, even though her parents often told her not to worry.

Sharon shared a few words of caution about following viral cleaning tips on TikTok.

"When it comes to cleaning or anything, safety should be the number one priority," she told The U.S. Sun.

Her two least favorites are when people boil products or try to combine two toxic products together.

"Although they do look foamy and satisfying, I really don't think that the person inhaling all that behind the camera should be doing it just for the views in mind," she said.

"Someone else can say: 'Oh, I'm gonna make bleach and vinegar together,' not knowing that it's actually super harmful and pretty scary and potentially lead someone to the hospital."

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Sharon emphasized that she tries not to judge others for what they post on social media, but instead uses it as a learning lesson.

For example, she shared a video on her TikTok channel, where she detailed her response to someone else's video.

They tried to clean their microwave by microwaving vinegar and lemon for five to ten minutes, which she claimed was dangerous.

She said: "You only have to microwave it for one minute. You really don't need five to ten minutes because the microwave already gets hot."

When it comes to her go-to product, it's the longstanding all-purpose solution Fabuloso, which disinfects all surfaces and smells great.

"That means I don't have to mix something else in order to make it more powerful. If I want it to be more powerful, I just don't dilute it with water and that's perfect," she said.

The product pairs well with kitchens, her favorite cleaning location,because she enjoys removing grease, which she said is more satisfying than scrubbing a bathroom on her knees.

"Vinegar and a little bit of dish soap are a perfect combination and a natural way to also use as a degreaser," Sharon added.

"I wouldn't say that it's as powerful as a cleaning product, but it's a good alternative to remove any grime or dirt."

Over her extensive career as a business owner, one of the dirtiest projects she ever took on was a hoarder cleanup for a disabled client who lived by herself.

"It was a lot of a lot of blood and feces. Removing that kind of dirt goes into a hazardous cleaner.You have to make sure that you're covered up," Sharon explained.

Shared revealed that they used a lot of hydrogen peroxide because of the mass amount of mold as well as Clorox to disinfect the space.

The entire project took 16 hours spread out over two days and turned into regular charitable work for her company.

"Now, we actually have someone who goes to her house every day, who takes out the trash, who helps her with anything she needs," she added.

She also shared a helpful tip for decluttering spaces and minimizing mess, no matter the size of the room.

"If you use something, just be mindful that once you're done using it, it has a home and it needs to go back just like us," she advised.

Her philanthropic mindset is what led her to follow in her parents' footsteps and develop a TikTok following of over 370,000, with whom she regularly shares cleaning-related videos.

The self-described CEO of Cleaning went viral for a garage cleanup that she did for a client with a sick mother who was moving in.

"We went ahead and we did that for free," Sharon said. "That was the first video that we posted online, and only because I resonated with her having taken care of my parents when they were sick.

Nowadays, she said that her viewers "go crazy" for her mopping videos and love to see how many times she has to mop or see how dirty the water is after.

The content creator admitted a specific reason why those videos are particularly successful.

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"Everyone has floors and everyone wants their floors clean. I think that's why it really resonates with a lot of people," she said.

Over the next few years, Sharon plans to expand her online platform and continue to work with and amplify popular cleaning brands, just like Fabuloso.

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