I’m a country girl and bartender – people say ‘get it lady’ when I line dance in my flannel shirt | The Sun

A GIRL who loves her countryside roots has shown off her moves and people are cheering her on.

Fans told her to "get it lady" when they saw her bust a move with her bestie wearing flannel shirts.

Tay (@taaynic_17) is a digital content creator from Kansas City, Missouri.

She took to TikTok to share a clip of herself line dancing with her friend.

The pair stunned as they danced perfectly synchronized in flannel shirts and Daisy Dukes.

They showed off their moves to the song "Project" by Chase McDaniel.

The video came as part of an ongoing movement where country girls share their culture to social media.

The trend brings more attention to the reality of country living and tradition.

Many women show themselves in stark contrast of being southern belles as well as hard workers on the farm.

The country charm is characterized by women who are able to both engage in male-dominated activities while maintaining their femininity.

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Line dancing itself isn't reserved for any particular gender and is done by both men and women.

However, the style of dance is traditionally associated with country music and culture, which the dancing duo seem to be proud of.

"Us," the caption read, accompanied by a handshake emoji. "Line dancing."

Viewers, stunned by the girls' moves, shared their thoughts in the comment section of the video.

"Get it ladies," on admirer wrote.

The video is among several produced by Tay, expressing her pride in being a country girl.

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