I'm a DIY fan & found a secret hack to paint a garden fence – it's so much easier & cleaner than using a brush | The Sun

PAINTING the fence is perhaps one of the most arduous tasks any homeowner may have to endure.

But one savvy woman has shared her easy hack to help speed up the process – and all you need is a sponge.

The homeowner, who posts under the acronym @regalscentswaxmelts, shared a short video to TikTok which she captioned: "My little garden hack!"

In the clip, she can be seen wearing a pair of rubber gloves, before dipping a kitchen sponge into a tin of grey paint.

Next, she simply glides the sponge onto the fence panels and voila! -the fence looks brand new again.

"Does anybody else paint the garden fence with a sponge?" she asks.


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"It's so much easier and cleaner than using a brush."

The video of the clever hack has since received over 959,000 views and been flooded with comments.

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"I haven't but I'm now planning to," wrote one.

A second commented: "Yes good job!"

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A third enthused: "Great idea!"

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "Yes – so much quicker."

Elsewhere, others decided to share their own unique but successful fence painting techniques.

"This does work really well. I also use a dustpan brush," noted one DIY fan.

Another suggested: "Use a car wash sponge it’s quicker!"

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A further recommended: "Use the car wash mitts, the noodle ones. it's 1000000 x better and faster! So satisfying."

And one more social media user added: "Use an old broom sooooo much quicker."

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