I’m a DIY whizz and my 60p trick means your walls are always perfectly smooth when painting | The Sun

GIVING a room a quick lick of paint can make a massive difference to the overall look of the space.

But there's so much that can go wrong when working with paint, from dealing with hairs and clumps to using the entirely wrong colour.

Luckily, painting pro Alec shared one simple hack that ensures your walls are smooth every time you paint.

He explained on his TikTok account @alecpaints that they key lies in your paint roller.

According to the pro, leaving your roller out to collect dust is a recipe for disaster, since this can then transfer to your walls.

Instead, try covering your roller in masking tape before use.

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This will strip away any unwanted pieces of fluff and hair before you cover the roller in paint and cover your walls, making for a perfectly smooth application.

And since you can grab masking tape for as little as 60p it's a small price to pay for pristine walls.

Alec demonstrated how to do the hack for yourself by wrapping the roller in the tape and then removing it, leaving viewers amazed.

One said: "I've never seen a roller put paint on so smoothly first roll."

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A second wrote: "This was satisfying as hell."

And another quipped: "I wish I knew this before I painted my room."

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