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MOST people let friends and family give the verdict on a new relationship – but they should listen to their dog too.

Your fluffy friend could provide trustworthy answers when you wonder if your partner is 'the one' – here's what to spot.


While our pets are known for reading body language, theirs also reveals how they feel.

According to Kamal Fernandez, a dog behaviour specialist and advisor to ProDog Raw, one key sign your dog is uncomfortable will be if they shy away when your partner tries to stroke them.

Another indication you could be with the wrong person is when your canine companion avoids eye contact or starts to breathe heavily when they're nearby.

All of these behaviours are symptoms of anxiety in your dog – but it's important to consider their natural temperament.

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It will be easier to spot when something is wrong if the animal is usually super friendly and approachable – while quieter breeds may take a while to warm to anyone.


Another sign a dog just can't stand your new love interest is if they refuse to acknowledge their presence altogether.

If they opt for the silent treatment when your partner is around it's likely they don't wish to make friends – and would love it if you stopped inviting them over.

Dog behaviour experts have suggested when a dog ignores someone it means they're either frustrated or stressed.

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A more expressive breed of dog may choose to demonstrate their dislike or fear through aggressive behaviour such as growling or barking.

Often this is warning sign that shouldn't be ignored and it is important to keep an eye on.

If your dog is frequently displaying these signs of unease around your partner the situation may escalate to physical contact.

This may include 'nipping' at your new beau with gentle pressure from their teeth – but could lead to a nasty bite.


Another tell-tale sign your pet may not be a fan, is if they try to position themselves between you and your partner.

Whether you are walking together, cuddling on the sofa or trying to get intimate in bed – if your dog puts themselves in the middle, they could be trying to protect you.

This happens when the animal doesn't trust who you're with, or fear you may be attacked.

However, it could also mean they are jealous – especially if they're closely bonded to you.

If the behaviour stops when you give them a good pet, it's more likely they were just scared of losing out on affection.


One special way dogs make their feelings known is by urinating or defecating on someone's belongings.

If your pet is deciding to use your partner's clothes or bag as a toilet it could mean they want you to show them the door.

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They go through this routine to exert dominance, mark their property and simply show you who is boss.

Kamal suggeststaking time to integrate a new partner with your dog because it can take a while for them to embrace change.

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