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A WOMAN who works as a dog trainer has revealed the 11 breeds she would never own.

Mary headed to TikTok to share her least favourite pooches and the reasons they don't make good pets.

The dog trainer penned: "Dog breeds I will never own as a dog trainer and animal enthusiast (these are my opinions, don't get butthurt if you like these breeds)."

The first dog breed was the Chihuahua, which she revealed had awful temperaments if they aren't well-bred.

She added that without proper socialising, these tiny pooches can also become fear aggressive.

Next were Pugs, not because of their personalities but because of the long list of health issues that come with them and she felt the same way about English Bulldogs.


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Terriers of any kind were also on Mary's banned list, she claimed: "Too independent for me, so goddamn loud, every Terrier I've trained has barking issues."

The dog trainer added they were also difficult to socialise and had joint issues causing owners to have huge vet bills.

Doodles are the latest breed to become popular but Mary reckons they aren't worth the hype.

She claimed: "Never ethically bred, genetic nightmares, often are behavioural nightmares."

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Kelpies and Hellers were next, as both breeds are happier as working dogs rather than house pets said the dog trainer.

Huskies also made it onto the list for being stubborn, loud, and having too much fur.

Another dog Mary would never own is the Shiba Inu which is predisposed to suffering from anxiety, being too loud, stubborn to train and can often nip and bite due to trigger stacking.

The dog trainer would also avoid Scent Hounds like Beagles as they are also too independent and loud.

She added these dogs need a lot of mental stimulation and can often suffer from joint problems.

Lastly, the dog trainer revealed she would steer clear of Daschunds.

"I know they're also Scent Hounds but I have a bone to pick with this particular breed," she said.

"So temperamental and unwilling to please.

"You need to be more consistent with this breed than most – they are extremely stubborn, disinterested in obedience and often have separation anxiety."

The video posted to her account @sulkingvenus has since gone viral with over 640k views and over 21k likes.

People were quick to share their thoughts on Mary's 'not to own' list in the comments.

One person wrote: "Dachshunds have such a great personality but it defo takes a certain dedication. Love mine to death."

Another commented: "First one of these I've seen that I've 100% agreed with."

"My aunt just bought a doodle. It’s behaviour is soooooo bad I can’t stand visiting with that dog there," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "I have a dachshund and man did you hit that nail on the head."

"I have a terrier, and he is indeed independent,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "I love my staffie terrier but frankly your opinion is COMPLETELY VALID. she's my baby but she's also a pain in my rear."

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