I'm a fashion pro and the trick I use to make Zara buys look WAY more expensive – it'll cost you less than a fiver | The Sun

A FASHION pro has revealed a super simple trick she recommends doing to all your Zara clothes – and claims it’s the trick she uses to make any outfit look more expensive.

Like many of us, professional stylist Caitlin Jaymes relies on Zara for some of her wardrobe staples. 

However, sometimes there’s no getting away from the fact that it is, unfortunately, fast fashion. 

Luckily, she’s revealed a super simple trick she uses to make any item look more luxe – and that’s swapping out the buttons. 

She said: “How to make your Zara pieces look ten times more expensive. 

“I love Zara but I feel like the buttons is always what gives it away as fast fashion. 


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“For my clients that film on TV, I would also suggest changing out the buttons because it’s such an inexpensive little hack. 

“It also just makes the clothing look ten times more luxurious.”

Below the video, she added: “Swapping buttons on any item can make it feel more personalised to your style.”

Shoppers can pick up buttons from various retailers, including Etsy, Hobbycraft, and Amazon, with prices starting from as little as £2.80. 

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Fans loved her handy little hack, with the explainer gaining more than 5,100 likes and 110,900 views. 

Known online as @caitlin_jaymes, the professional organiser regularly shares her top fashion and styling tips with her 71,500 followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their thoughts, with one writing: “Love this idea.”

“100%,I worked at Intermix, shopped at Zara,changed the buttons on my blazers, and was always asked if they had it in the intermix store,” commented another. 

A third shared: “True.”

However, not all were convinced it was that easy, with another adding: “It definitely works but who has time for this?”

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