I’m a fashion whizz – here’s how I make any pair of jeans fit and stay stretchy when I'm bloated | The Sun

WE'VE all been there – in the morning your jeans fit perfectly, but come lunchtime you can barely squeeze into them.

Luckily, a fashion whizz has revealed how to make them comfortable to wear throughout the day.

We all tend to bloat throughout the day, which can make wearing your favourite jeans a struggle.

But body positive influencer, Lottie Drynan, from the UK, has revealed the simple hack that will make even the least comfiest jeans fit comfortably.

In an Instagram reel she told fans about the quick trick, writing: "The Beyoncé of bloated-girl tutorials: how to make your favourite jeans (or skirt or shorts!) elasticated so they’re super comfy even when your body changes and bloats."

In the video she explained how, saying to buy your jeans in a size up and to get a piece of elastic and measure it a few inches longer than your actual waist measurement.


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"Then you want to cut a slit in either side of your jeans, going through the first inside layer only.

"Next take a hair grip and slide it onto the elastic as we're going to use this as our needle," Lottie adds.

Then slide it through the first slit of the jeans and thread it through, Lottie says if you come across a label in the way simply cut it out and keep going until you get to the other slit.

Finally, once that's done simply put your jeans on and pull the elastic tight enough so that there is still room to breath when you bloat.

Secure them with safely pins and sew up the ends before cutting the excess elastic.

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Lottie exclaimed: Tada! you have comfortable stretch jeans that adapt to your body!"

"This is probably my favourite IBS friendly hack and I’ve done it so many times over the years, even to waistbands of fitted dresses,2 Lottie wrote.

She was quickly praised by people in the comments section, one wrote: "So clever!"

"Always struggled with jeans, this looks fab," added another.

A third penned: "You are simply a goddess and a genius. A Goddess Genius!!"

Meanwhile, a fourth person wrote: "Going to do this with all my jeans haha!! Hate wearing jeans they hurt my tummy."

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