I’m a female truck driver at 22 – it’s taught me lots of lessons, now people are calling me ‘beautiful' | The Sun

LIFE as on the road as a female trucker driver isn’t just about getting the miles under your belt.

If you’re anything like this 22-year-old, it’s also learning some big life lessons.

In the process, TikToker Mell (@melltoofineeeee) has become wise beyond her years.

Usually, it takes most people a lifetime to achieve this level of wisdom, but Mell has done it in a matter of years.

She’s become the sage of the highways and her fans love following her journey, spiritually and geographically.

Mell looked very much at home in the cab of her juggernaut as her Zen video began.

“Lessons I’ve learned becoming a truck driver,” she said.

Life as a trucker is a solitary one, but she has learned to cope with that and even embrace the demands that come with it.

As she filled up her truck, she captioned her video with: “Learn to be ok alone.”

Her look changed throughout her video, but her mindful messages remained the same.

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“You can’t take back things you do sometimes,” she said.

Followed by: “You realize your actions really do speak louder than words when you’re halfway across the country.”

Pearls of wisdom emerged as she traveled across the States – she's got a lot of time to think.

“Be present. Time waits for no one," she said, and: "Money is just a temporary happiness.”

This young philosopher of the roads had even more lessons to share with her fans: "Everyone is not happy for you. Move your success in silence.”

Perhaps most pertinent was this one: “You can go slow a thousand times, but too fast just once. Take life slowly.”

Comments to her post were in awe of Mell.

“Beautiful driver," said one: "Stay safe driver.”

“This is so true," related another.

“I’m in the process of getting my license, thank you for the inspirational video," was the grateful response of another.

This follower said: “I respect you. Stay safe and keep on trucking.”

There was more wisdom from her viewers: “Life is about destination.  Trust your process. You are strong and beautiful and I wish you peace and more success.”

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How come you're so wise asked others: “Wow girl I’m about to be 35 and these are some of the lessons I’m learning now.

Finally, she gave comfort to many followers, including this one: "I needed to hear every last word of this, thank you.”

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