I’m a foodie and I make the ultimate five minute dessert in my air fryer – it’s a must-try if you have a sweet tooth | The Sun

A FOODIE has shared the ultimate five minute dessert recipe – so if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll need to listen up.

Hayley explained that it is super simple to make her air fryer s’mores dip and not only this, but your kids will love it.

So if you’ve joined the air fryer gang and want to make something quick, easy and tasty, which is sure to keep your little darlings impressed, you’ll want to take notes. 

Showing off her two-step show-stopper dish, Hayley posted a step-by-step recipe on social media.

The food fan said: “Easy air fryer idea! Air fryer s’mores dip.”

In the clip, we saw Hayley first add a layer of Cadbury chocolate to a dish.

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She then simply placed pink and white marshmallows on top.

She added: “Also don’t come for a sleepover at my house and think you won’t get roped into some food content.

“Five minutes at 180 should do it!” 

After using just two ingredients and just five minutes of cooking time, Hayley removed her sweet treat from the air fryer and served it alongside a platter of digestive biscuits and fruit kebabs.

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Of course, you could serve with whichever biscuits, fruit or treats you desire. 

Hayley’s clip, which she posted on TikTok under the username @hayleys.worldx, has clearly impressed many, as in just two days, it has quickly gone viral and has since amassed a staggering 2.8 million views. 

Social media users were left stunned at the simple recipe and many were eager to make it themselves.

One person said: “I need this in my life.”

Another added: “Wow!!” 

A third commented: “This is genius omg.”

Whilst someone else chimed in: “I want this.” 

At the same time, many food fans tagged their friends and loved ones in the comments to alert them to this tasty dish.

One TikTok user tagged a loved one and claimed: “We’re making this.”

A second tagged a social media user and posted: “We need an air fryer now.” 

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Whilst another mentioned a close friend and shared: “On our next sleepover.” 

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