I’m a gardening pro – how a common breakfast item can provide your plants with extra nutrients and keep pests away | The Sun

NO matter how you like your eggs in the morning, a gardening expert has revealed an easy trick green-fingered homeowners can do with the shells.

Instead of tossing the shells in the trash, they can be used outdoors to provide plants with extra nutrients and keep pesky pests away.

They can be crushed and spread around the base of plants to nourish the soil with calcium.

Eggshells are almost entirely made up of calcium carbonate, which plants – like people – need to keep healthy.

The crumbled shells can also be put in the soil before the plant or seed is put in the ground or pot.

Slowly, the minerals break down and will be absorbed by the plant's roots.

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Tomato, pepper, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach in particular will benefit from the added shell.

And in an added bonus, the eggshells are also handy for keeping snails and slugs away.

Meanwhile, a gardening pro has revealed a cheap hack using a popular soft drink that can help banish bugs from gardens.

Enjoy a pest-free yard by simply spraying your plants with Coca Cola, an inexpensive alternative to pesticides.

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And you can use old newspapers as an alternative to expensive weed-blocking cloth to block weed.

Apply the newspaper to any area prone to weeds and ensure it is maintained in place by dirt, rocks or even grass clippings.

Over time, the newspaper will stifle the weeds.

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