I'm a Hooters girl – my boss had to see me in the uniform before I could get the job | The Sun

A HOOTERS girl has revealed everything she had to go through to score her job, including trying on the uniform for her boss.

TikToker Aleta Elizabeth shared her advice on how to get a position as an entertainer at the American restaurant chain.

The Hooters employee described the process as "so basic" and said you shouldn't be too worried if you get selected for an interview.

At the interview, they do a uniform fitting, but the TikToker claimed it's just to make sure the entertainer feels okay in the revealing outfit.

"At the uniform fitting is when they offer you the job," she said in the video.

"They wanna see you in the uniform first – it's nothing horrible, they just want to make sure that you look comfortable and you feel comfortable."

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While she didn't have any specific tip that could get you a job at the restaurant, Elizabeth did give some more information on the iconic uniform that made Hooters famous.

"For rules, hair can be up or down it just has to be well maintained," she said.

"Makeup has to be natural or glam. Whatever you're into they're not gonna force you to do anything.

"Jewelry, you're supposed to have one stud. I wear both my hoops. No necklace, no bracelet, you can wear rings, and you can have tattoos."

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Overall, she advised any future Hooters employee to be herself and show that you're great with people.

"Just be yourself. You're an entertainer if you're a Hooters girl. We're not servers – we're entertainers," she said.

This advice comes as another Hooters employee shared five rules you must follow at the American restaurant chain including how to do your makeup and exercise.

A TikTok user named Alyssa shared her experiences working at Hooters in a clip that went viral with over 4.8million views.

"Nobody asked for this," she said at the beginning of the video, "but here are five rules that Hooters girls have to follow."

First, she explained that workers have to wear more than the restaurant-approved T-shirt and short-shorts.

"You have to wear five articles of makeup in order to work your shift," Alyssa said.

She wasn't clear on which makeup products she's required to wear – eyeshadow, lipstick, liners, mascara, blush, foundation, and concealer are all contenders – but you can trust employees have the intel.

That's because employees attend a rigorous training session after being hired, where they learn exactly how to look like a "Hooters girl."

"You have to attend a three-hour course where they teach you how to wear your makeup, how to wear the uniform, and how to exercise," Alyssa said.

Hopefully, employees also learn the company's policies on hairstyles, which Alyssa said are remarkably strict.

"Your hair must be a natural color," she began, listing a few of the company's guidelines. "It has to be styled at all times, it can't be up."

Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, Alyssa said, "It's a lot of rules about the hair that I'm not getting into right now."

When hair is swept back from the ears, it might reveal a violation of another Hooters code.

"You can't have more than two piercings per ear," Alyssa said, exposing her earlobes and two sparkly studs.

Employees' behavior also has to follow company protocol on a specific holiday, Alyssa revealed.

"If you wear your uniform on Halloween, you get terminated," Alyssa said.

It wasn't clear if she meant Hooters employees who incorporate their uniforms into an off-hours costume will get in trouble, or that servers who fail to report to work in costume will be let go.

In either case, it's a surprisingly specific tenet of the Hooters code not known to most outsiders – or, at least, not until now.

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