I’m a hot mum, 32, who’s spent thousands looking young – other parents judge me, I think they look gross | The Sun

Slipping into a tight vest top and jeans, Jennifer Ferguson is ready to take her kids to school.

While the mum-of-four has no shame in showing off her figure, the other small-town school mums aren’t a fan.

Living just outside of New York, Jennifer, 32, reveals she’s often given dirty looks when dropping her kids to school.

“People give me that dirty look and scrunch their eyebrows, they’re like what is she doing, she has fake boobs, I blame it on my area, people in this area are so basic, they want to stay the same, small-town mentality, I’d rather live in LA,” she tells Fabulous.

Although Jennifer gave birth just ten months ago, you wouldn't realise if you crossed her path.

The mum is obsessed with looking her best and will do almost anything to keep herself looking and feeling young.


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"I pretty much do everything possible that you can do to get done that's not as invasive as surgery, I'm not against it, I'd love to get surgery, but I don't have the time to heal from it," she reveals.

Instead, Jennifer opts for a time-consuming beauty routine which is impressive considering she also holds down three jobs and runs a house full of boys, all to ensure she is the hottest mum at the school gate.

"I get my workout in every day, nails done every three weeks, hair every five weeks, Botox and filler every four months or so, a blood facial to look younger, laser hair removal every six weeks, top to bottom – it’s important to take time out for myself.”

Jennifer had her first child at the age of 19, when “life was pretty rough”. 

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The mum explained she grew up poor and married poor and raised her son Levi, now 13, using food stamps and a programme called WIC, which provided for mothers in need.

But the marriage ended and the couple divorced almost six years ago.

Jennifer then met the love of her life, Stephen Donnelly, 44, who is the founder of a marketing company in the US. Stephen is also the father of Lincoln, 13, and Parker, 10, who he shares with his ex-wife.

Ten months ago, the couple welcomed yet another boy into the family, Atlas.

"I’m definitely into looks and I don't mean to sound shallow, but it is what it is.”

But the mum doesn't mind being the only girl in the home, Jennifer is the Queen in her house and she loves it.

Plus, since meeting Stephen, Jennifer's life has taken a turn for the better as she now frequents New York to stock up on her favourite designer goods such as Gucci and YSL bags.

She adds: "I’m definitely into looks and I don't mean to sound shallow, but it is what it is.”

"Style clothes and fashion are huge to me, I’m always on my phone shopping for the latest trends," she says. "I work to shop."

But Jennifer admits there aren't many people in her rural town who have the same passion for fashion as she does.

"I get judged more in my area for looking good rather than looking bad which is really sad.

"We are not in the city where all of the fashion is. People don't comprehend style or fashion in my area, it really sucks.

"I dress up and people usually judge me for that because my boobs and cleavage are showing because they’re big and it's not really something I can hide and I don’t want to hide."

The mum reveals that if you see someone in the area looking good, which seems to be few and far between, then they're probably her friend.

Jennifer who loves dressing up for school concerts and fairs, revealed it garners a mixed response at the gates.

"Some of the parents give me a dirty look because I don't look gross," she explains.

But her effort into being the hot mum does draw the attention of some of her sons' friends.

"The boys in middle school talk about me being the hot mum, the cool mum, because I'm flexible, I let them have fun and freedom in a safe way," adds Jennifer.

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She adds: "If I'm going to the school for a concert, I'm going to dress up, it’ll take me at least an hour. The school run, my usual half hour routine for the day, out in the city for a night out two hours.

“Even with the stuff (cosmetic procedures) I've done, I'm high maintenance, I still love my makeup and all that stuff.”

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